Morning all

Hope we have all found something which gives us peace. I find that a little bit of happiness each day, no matter how tiny, can restore some equanimity. Today here in the south it is getting ready to be a glorious day and now the kids have all gone to school all I can hear are seagulls. Planning to walk to a secret bit of beach later on and just `be` for an hour or so. Bliss. Hope everyone can get a little slice of peace today x

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Hi Abi

Now I am really jealous. Up in north its warm but cloudy. On the positive it isnt raining so it should be a good day.


Thank you abi, same to you! I'm in the South too (Hampshire).

Emma x


Hi Abi,

It's grim up North but warm and dry at the mo !

Plenty to do outdoors on my day off (not working until evening )

Plenty to do indoors if rain breaks loose ! Never bored ! I have a 'to do' list which keeps on growing - we will see ! Walkies with Jess next - one of my pleasures : )

Enjoy your beach : ) x


Beach was lovely. I found a nook where you can`t even see round the rocks that Brighton seafront is a few miles away, with all the noise,hassle and bustle. Thats my kind of beach

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