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Now more than ever there is to much being obtained exploited and used via the two letter word social sites , my nearest and dearest have just had a chapter end in heart break for them and just want to adjust to a different direction in life in their own time and way without people/outsiders thinking they know best .

What is the view on this ?

Not sure if this is a topic that has been done/covered much as I now don't visit the site as often as I use to now that the path I now follow is separate to me needing advice and guidance back in 2013 when I was unsure how to deal with the life changing problems that a R.T.A can bring to special treasured loved ones .

Wishing everyone who now is in a similar position to the one we were in the best luck and for those seeking a miracle , keep the faith they can and do happen x.

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Not sure I understand the question?

social media and well all forms of internet communications are not private, in any meaningful sense.

for sharing photos of work mates/family kids/parties etc great.


Sorry Vimto, I'm with Roger on this & don't really understand the question. Can you clarify a little ? :-( x


And me... Not sure what you mean! Although, since my BI I do take EVERYTHING literally.. Struggle with sarcasm & generally need things spelt out for me..

Shame really..


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