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Jack and Sophie

I haven't wrote anything for awhile, so thought it was time for an update. I have attended Jack's parents evening today, his first one at secondary school. Jack is doing amazing, he as hit all his targets for the year, and is a very likable student in his class, he always does his best, so i really cant ask for more. Jack does have one to one at school so this just proves it is working for him. Poor Sophie is really struggling with her moods and tantrums. She is a massive worry as we prepare her for Secondary School in September, still not sure if its the right school, but we are working closely with them and have to try and provide her with all the support she will need. Every day life is still a fight at times, nothing comes easy. But as a family we keep going and take one day at a time.

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sounds to me like you are doing a great job!

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Well done to Jack ; he's a trooper and has come such a long way since the accident.

I'm sure you must worry every day where Sophie's concerned, and about the choice of school. But best that she has the option of a mainstream school as she'll otherwise never know how it might have turned out. I hope she surprises everyone and fits in well but, if not, at least you'll know you didn't deprive her of the opportunity.

If she has to move later, at least you'll know all options were tried in finding the place which most suits her needs.

It's good to hear your updates Julie. I'm just sorry that, out of nowhere, your lives were so severely disrupted and you've been picking up the pieces ever since. But thank heavens your two gorgeous kids have such a caring and conscientious mum to look out for them and to keep on fighting for their best interests.

I wonder whether there's ever any respite for you though ; I really hope so Julie.

All best wishes to the three of you, Cat xx


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