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hi folks this is to let you know that i am back as mescalero aka comanchero due to computer trouble still struggling to see a neurologist what is going to happen to the NHS now this government is back in how bad will it get.Will have to find someone to teach me better computer skills. I have got 2 pictures in a art exhibition so I will be wondering how it will go ? all the best to Cat and all the others.

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  • Maybe Andy Burnham or Yvette Cooper will lead Labour into stronger opposition against Cameron & co ; it's the only hope we have for the future of the NHS.

    I hope you can get the help you need with your computer issues 'mescalero' although your skills look fine to me. And good luck with the neuro appointment ; hope it comes up soon.

    Best of luck also with your exhibits. Hope you get good results. ;-)

    Cat xx

  • Welcome back, Comanchero/Mescalero,

    I see you have gone from pink to green ( smiley logo - I remembered ! )

    Hope this doesn't reflect how you are personally feeling ! : ))

    NHS in a right old state, agreed, it is a worry. Do you paint/sketch ? Lovely to see so many members with artistic talent on here : )

    Good luck with your art exhibition and also in getting neuro appointment.

    Kind regards, Angela x

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