Medication is there another way?

As I took my medication this morning I started to wonder how many I take a year. After a few calculations I came to this figure which frightened me. This is not exact but I come to the figure of 14,112 I couldn't believe it. Now how much damage do they do? I realise they keep me alive but at what cost? Does anyone know of any alternative way or could advise me over this matter

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I also feel overwhelmed sometimes by the number of drugs I'm consuming. I have to keep mine in a shoe-box !

But the fact that I need so many, and for different conditions, means I don't have the inclination to look for alternatives because it would be a full time job.

Also, the meds I have are keeping various issues under control, and they're not conditions I'd be prepared to gamble with.

For example my consultant told me to be vigilant in keeping my blood pressure under strict control, so I'd be nervous in experimenting with a homeopathic alternative.

Nor would I want to mess with my heart meds or the drug I was prescribed after developing breast cancer.

So for me it's a matter of keeping faith with the medication prescribed despite often gagging at the amount I have to swallow each day.

Trouble is, it can take an age to have a problem accurately diagnosed and a suitable treatment found, so looking for further alternatives can be a pretty daunting prospect.

Best wishes Jim. Cat x

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Hi Jim,

Wondered if you had ever considered acupuncture? If you have extra pennies, you might benefit from phoning an experienced acupuncturist in your area (British Acupuncture Council) to discuss BI medical history before you visit. You continue to take your medicine - it is very gentle, balances the body energy. Helped my digestion/ numbness - I found it very calming and it is known to aid sleep issues. Other areas it can help are headaches, panic attacks, IBS, fertility.




NHS occasionally fund acupuncture for chronic lower back pain and chronic tension headaches. Given existing state of NHS, probably a no but it wouldn't hurt to ask.


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Thank you for the advice but I think I financially would not be able to afford it. But I will make enquiries


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