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Hi reading all your posts helps me to have some insight into how my dad who suffered a bi in September may be feeling. He is currently in a rehab unit and communication is his biggest problems. Recently we have found he has not taken his medication, hiding it from the nurses, the staff have been unaware of this and tell us they can't make him take it - although I understand this I also find it worrying, he needs to be taking his calming medication and the tablets to help control seizures also they tell us he does not have capacity to make informed decisions about things so therefore surely they have to take some responsibility about him taking the medication he needs???? To be fair I do think there are certain staff that he doesn't particularly like and these are the ones he doesn't take the medication for. Any advice?

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Hi Louise

It depends what exactly the meds are and the risks of not taking them etc. Only the consultant can really advise on that, but is your dad able to understand what you say to him? Because he may be refusing the tablets because they make him feel tired, or unwell, if you could find a way of asking him why he doesn't want to take them and an easy way for him to answer. Can he write? Or if he can read but not write could you show him some possible answers for him to chose from?

If the meds are important, benefits outweigh the risks etc, I guess you can only try to encourage him to take them. Depending how often he takes them, maybe a family member could be present when he is given them?

Good luck


Thanks for the advice. I don't think he understands why he is taking them so that probablyis why he won't always take them. He can't write but he foes seem as though he can read a little do I might try writing some words down. Fingers crossed we can get him to understand how important they are.


Hi Louise.

I agree with you ; surely if your dad is considered incapable of making decisions then the staff are responsible for ensuring that his medical needs are being met.

Have you tried discussing this issue with his consultant, and the possibility of the meds being administered intravenously ?


Hi Louise

Please talk to someone in authority at the unit. If he is incapable of making decisions for himself then surely someone there should take responsibility and ensure he has his medication. I would imagine notes are kept when the medication is given and also when it's taken.

So difficult when communication is a problem.

Hope you can get it sorted.

Take care


Hi Cat and Alice

Ive now had a meeting with the senior sister, the consultant is on holiday and she has agreed that he needs close supervision to ensure he takes his meds. They are trying to encourage his independence but obviously this can't be at the expense of his health!


That's great news, Louise! Well done. Good to work towards independence but gradually xx


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