To Cat3 & Knifemaster thanks for replies will look into what you say. Went to local hospital yesterday I had been referred by GP a urgent appointment as I have developed a Mole or lump on forehead and a small one under eye no pain but it itches going to have Biopsy to find out what it his whether this is to do with Shingles or something else I dont know will keep you posted all the very best

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  • Yes, let us know the outcome Comanchero. xx

  • thanks cat3 will start this week trying to get a date for a biopsy

  • Did the doctor you saw at the hospital not arrange for a biopsy there and then ? x

  • Developed a lesion on left arm in 2011, bigger now, probably nothing to worry about but it looks a bit oddand has changed shape. No docs take anything I say seriously though so no point mentioning and no GP now. Had so many, given up.

    Eyes awful andhurt (and stress now = right one and side forhead twitching LOADS, worst ever since op but eye twitching BAD themn and never twitches that much or like that now = most of my twitches less but yesterday (why? stress?) LEFT inside knee twitching LOTS, on and on for couple of hours. Lost SO much muscle inside knees/thighs = shocking, and where had most twitches = worst including backs tops thighs and under/buttocks = my body changedSO fast, but opthalmos say nothing wrong but I KNOW/can SEE how my eyes changed/damaged. How come experts say can't see? And everyone believes THEM not me.

    SO sad lost my body how was. I know getting older = do but for me it changed ONE DAY and SO fast = no time to get usedto like ageing. HATE seeing/feeling my body now and don't want ANYONE to touch it, my skin SO odd and so many nub bits. If diabetic they'd be onto it like a shot = why they get better treatment? Ahh, the DRUGS and GPs paidextra, special clinics? SO unfair.

  • GPs are funny things, sometimes they work and you gel and sometimes they are having an overworked bad day and you are the last person they want to see as you are not straight forward, they haven't got an instant pill to fix you and you keep coming back for more. Don't give up. There are a few kind docs out there who have the time to listen. I had one doc who played classical music very quietly in the background - found it very soothing when thoughts were mixed up and the effort just to make myself understood was exhausting. Twitches indicate to me you are in the thick of it - brain is short wiring your autonomic nervous system. Our medics cant see inside the nervous system and eye doctors cant tell if the back of your brain (just under occiput) is swollen affecting your eyesight which to them appears normal even though you might have blind spots. Your body is undergoing an autoimmune response. It is attacking itself. Why? Because it knows there is either a virus or bacteria in the brain or near the brain and it needs to kill it. Thank your body for doing the right thing and start to love it! So there is a battle going on in you for control of your brain. By the fact you are writing here means you are doing good and you are winning, keep fighting and remain sane! I can relate to your words. Simplify your foods, by that I mean don't mix ten different foods in one meal (do you get tired after eating?), get raw food and nutrients into your body, as many fruits as you can (natural sugar - not spoons of refined sugar - is required by the brain in shed loads to deal with this attack - honey works). Multi Vit B and magnesium helps the muscle tremors / twitches / spasms - I took double the normal dosage during the period you describe. I got lucky and broke the autoimmune attack cycle. Not sure how long yours has been going on for? For me it was homeopathy, just one pill that knocked me out for 3 days sleep. After that intervention, the twitches got less, and new problems presented but mainly my nerves became more calm and I moved through that phase onto the next healing challenge!

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