THE Greatest day

Survival? Tick.

Having a couple of books published? Tick.

Meeting the future Baroness? Tick.

Marriage? Tick.

Two children taking my name? Tick.

But now all of that becomes irrelevant in my history of high points.

For today we purchased a sofa, a reclining leather sofa. I may never leave the home again,, or be awake. My life is NOW complete :)

If any of you should ever meet Mrs N, the above is all utter nonsense.

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  • That is wonderful that your life is now complete! Enjoy many happy years and sleeps on your sofa.x

  • Bless husband longed for a leather recliner and so we bought one...I hate it. I can't bear being tipped up and I can't get it to go back without I am at risk of getting sofa stuck...hubby does not see getting stuck on the sofa as a negative ;) I think these are man toys lol

  • Lol! Ia m reacling right now!

  • Hope there'll be a little spot for young Curfew ?? :o xx

  • There's always a spot for the little furball :)

  • Who's Mrs N? I'm comfy on my mattress on the floor but can't invite people & takes lots of room and hard to clean floor coz no base under it. Can't sleep/rest comfy on narrow (single width) sofa or sofa-recliner. Maybe need double bed that easily flips to sofa?

    But HUGE congrats on rest!

  • Mrs N would be the Baroness or in the eyes of the law, my wife :)

  • I thought my highest point was when I slept in my new bed, the most comfy thing on this entire planet, my kids still sneak in and literally flop face first onto it just to feel it's magical effects 😊

    It's still my most favourite place in the whole world.

    I hope your new leather reclining throne brings you many hours of sublime relaxation 😃

  • Me too. I'm kind of addicted to mine since I bought a memory-foam mattress . . . . . . . . . we are becoming inseparable ! ;-)

  • Damn it! I forgot to add memory foam mattress to my list of high points. Did that years ago and STILL let out a pleasurable sigh every night when I clamber/fall on to it

  • I'm SUCH a dumbo: sold wonderfully comfy memory foam mattress in UK thinking could EASILY buy another, UK/any country, but can't. When I first slept on it felt weird but after 2 nights LOVED it. It was 100% memory foam but now they only put 2 or max 5cms (I think) memory foam = not the same. Tried Tempur (MEGA expensive) mattresses in shop but none of them felt comfy, don't know if they were Tempur's most expensive, think maybe not. Really regret selling that mattress and SO cheap. Bed now is OK on good nights but too hard for when everything hurts. Neck ALWAYS hurts, never comfy sadly but can cope with the pain far better when not stressed/overtired.

  • Happy day! Nice one! :)

  • Happy day! Nice one! :)

  • Oops! So good I wrote it twice!!!! ;)

  • I've got the leather sofa but the only way I can get it to recline is to stack a pile of books under the front legs which usually makes it so unstable I end up with the back of the sofa on the floor and me looking like a NASA reject waiting for a rocket launch to nowhere ;-)

    Don't worry, as long as Mrs N don't have the passwords your secret is safe here. Of course you maybe subject to a blackmail attempt but reasonably safe.

  • Are you threatening me? :)

    I care not, I'll be barely awake soon. Again

  • It sounds like a case of 'C.A.' (Comfort Addiction) for which there is probably counselling/therapy available. Trouble is most addicts are in denial in order to protect their addictions but, as you've totally 'outed' yours, I suspect you're beyond help.

    Happy, sleepy days !! :-/ xx

    (Really need a sleeping smiley).

  • Beyond help? I've been called that and much worse over the years :)

  • :o xx

  • We had a mock leather sofa for a while and I found that bare skin stuck painfully/sweatily to it and a clothed body slid off it like a greased fish ! Always cold to the touch too. Ended up with fleece blankets on to counteract the downsides to its attractiveness.Is this different with real leather ?

  • I've had a leather sofa for years and I've never really had any problems with it to be honest

  • I love our reclining sofa. Just got my own side table to match the other side the other day. Makes you feel so lovely and lazy doesn't it! No more stretching to put my cuppa t on the floor lol!just a slight robotic arm movement ha ha!

  • Ours hasn't arrived yet, but you've just made me more excited and expectant that I thought humanly possible :)

  • You'll enjoy i just kick me pink fluffy slippers off and im away with the fairies :-)

  • Damn it, do I need fluffy pink slippers??

    You've dashed my excitement now...

  • Well a nice pair( not pink nor fluffy) just finishes the relaxation time off nicely when you step into them afterwards and the dog enjoys a chew of em whilst you sleep :-)

  • I'll replace 'pink and fluffy' with 'shaped like a Guinness pint' and 'dog' with 'cat'.

    Job's a good un


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