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can skull bones change shape after adult


Its really pathetic to say or mention to anyone that a childhood incident resulted to the change of my skull shape. i use to bang my head on the wall when ever i use to be raged at anything or anyone . i know it sounds funny but i wasn't with my parents. I stayed alone with an uncle who was busy with his life. none stopped me or they might not b aware that such and so may ever result to the change in shape of skull. it's really bad to what m going through i want a solution...

is there any easy remedy to this ???

avoiding this to b viewed by people or my friends i did peculiar hair styles... n results to the loss of hairs too.. yeah m really having a tragic feeling 'Y ME' ???

my skull shapes like a a slide... i know u might have surely enjoyed that in your childhood. but the childhood have been a burden.

m tensed n worried need help!!

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Hi Royanne

I would try not to focus too much on how your skull looks and in fact it probably doesn't look as bad to others as you see it yourself. If people can't accept who you are on the inside then they aren't worth comunicating with. I've always taken my judgement from the person inside, what they say, what they do, how they feel.

As far as I'm aware the only way to change the shape of the skull when you're an adult involves pretty major surgery and as the skull holds the most precious part of 'us', the brain, there a serious risks and no guarantees. All here have brain injury of one sort or another and so would say don't go anywhere near risking damaging it or making any damage you may already have worse for cosmetic reasons.

Not sure if this helps because it doesn't actually offer a solution as such but we are all inviduals and are all different in one way or another besides I find it good to be unique because thats make you special.

After all, with antiques, the fewer of any particular type there are the more valuable they become and when they're unique they are priceless.

Wishing you well



hi sporan,

it was really great ,i really got a heart for me.. yeah! u have a fact that a person must be judge from within not via looks and other ways. and this is something that makes me unique... n surgery's are quite high at risk... m really thankful with the reply.....


Hi Royanne,

Thank you for your question to the Headway Health Unlocked community, and I'm so sorry to hear that you had this difficult experience as a child.

Have you spoken to your GP about this issue at all? GPs can sometimes provide referrals onto more specialised services in the hospital that might be able to help. You can also speak to your GP if you are concerned about a brain injury; the effects of brain injury can be psychological, physical, emotional and cognitive (thinking) so if you feel that there issues with any of these then you might wish to speak to your GP.

Our website has some detailed information about the effects of brain injury, which you can read about at the following link: headway.org.uk/Effects-of-b...

You can ring our Headway Helpline if you wanted to speak to somebody about these issues, Royanne. Our number is 0808 800 2244, and we are available from Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. You can also email the Helpline at helpline@headway.org.uk .

I hope this information helps. Best wishes,


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i have been through various physiological check ups and been to the hospital several times regarding the same... what alternative i have finally been was nothing else but operation which is highly risky in state of mental problems in case it fails to b successful...

The change duly took place when the skull changes shapes at the initial ages of life... so something what i wanted to ask (it might sound lame) can the shape pillows (shape the skull of a child or a new born ) ??? can those help even at later stages if they r duly used in routine nights...

The area i live in is too ancient (rural) i have to leave my state for a better stand and check up and my exams are up so, don't have much time for it now..... so i was looking for a quick remedy in case if i get one ... m not with my parents so i'll consult either ways, and need your judgement regarding the consultant i get from the doctor later when i get further to the hospital....

I need a support as m alone , hope you will b there to help and stand by me..

i m really obliged to have a reasonable response for you early... i will be looking forward for the other ....

Thank you

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Dear Royanne,

Thanks for your reply.

There is some information on the NHS Choices website about changes in the shape of the skull in young babies, a condition known as ‘Plagiocephaly’, you can read more about this here: nhs.uk/conditions/plagiocep...

As mentioned before, our helpline service is available if you wish to talk through your situation and the way you are feeling but unfortunately we are unable to offer judgment on medical matters. To answer your questions about changes in your skull shape it really is best to speak to your doctor about this, it does depend on where you are as to how medical pathways will operate. In the UK we would suggest speaking to your GP who can then advise on the next steps and possibly arrange referral to a specialist.

I do hope you find this helpful.

Best wishes,


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I have the same problem .i have bumps on each side of my skull.at right side of skull,the bump is deeper.i am worried.i don't remember any injuries on my head.sometime i feel slight headache near the bumps .i didn't consult a doctor till now.

I am a 19 year old boy.

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Hello..is Ur problem fine now or still the same.


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