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Free Prescriptions - some users being fined £100

There is an worrying article on the BBC website about "Patients with life-long conditions are being fined up to £100 for collecting their free prescriptions" bbc.co.uk/news/health-31537... effectivelly the law was changed to enforce that it is the holding of the 5 year long exemption certificate that entitles a patient to free prescriptions, not the medical condition alone.

If anyone has an exemption certificate, you should check the end date on it and ensure that you get it re-issued, otherwise you could get hit by this fine.


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Thank you John for highlighting this!


I did get hit by the fine late last year and I wrote to them explaining my situation and asking for clarification. My GP was horrified this happened and supported an appeal but al that happened was they increased the fine because I did not pay it immediately.

It was a truly horrible experience and I was made to feel like a criminal. Its all sorted now thank goodness


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