I don't know why, but for the last week I have felt really weak and dizzy. I have no energy for doing things, and even taking my dogs for their little walk to do their business, is really hard. Perhaps with the colder weather, and having to put more jackets on, etc, has made me more tired.

I usually go swimming with the disabled group on Thursday, but today, I am not going. (I usually swim 60 lengths 1200m). I've actually lain myself down on my sofa, and now gonna watch TV.

Has anyone else had this. I am now 22 months since my accident!

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  • Hi Nutkin

    I'm only 7 months post BI so I still feel weak and tired all the time. But a couple of weeks ago it got way worse and I wasn't sure why. But then I came down with a viral fluey type thing. So maybe you are brewing something? Or perhaps you have overdone it?

    Hope you feel better soon

  • I'm the same as you hedgehog ! X

  • Yes my thoughts were the same as hedgehogs that maybe you have a virus. Think you are doing the right thing though in getting plenty of rest and just 'chilling' for a few days. I know that since my illness I'm affected much more easily by bugs etc. think it because my immune system took a right old battering. Previously I only used to get a rare mild cold but no cough or anything. But last year I was very poorly with a chest infection that took multiple courses of antibiotics to shift. Think the weeks on a ventilator and being suctioned must have scarred my lungs. When I'm unwell it also affects my balance. If it doesn't get better over next few days I would suggest you go and see your GP as you are understandably worried. Take care x

  • I agree with both replies you've had already, I was told I'd be more susceptible to any illnesses going round, and I have less energy in the cold weather, I feel cold more easily too, sometimes it takes a hot bath to warm me through, and sitting with a warmed wheat bag on my shoulders.

    I'm nearly 3 years into recovery now, so today cos it's too wet and blustery, I'm curling up on the safa with my I pad and some good films, I may wrap some presents later :-)

    Janet x

  • Hi Nutkin

    Cant find fault with the replies you've had.

    Sometimes, because I normaly feel a bit short on motivation, tired and weary I don't alway connect those things with maybe having a bug of some sort.

    I also find that pushing myself a bit too much will knock me flat as well and takes a while of resting to get back what I've spent.

    Talking of dogs, mine need to go for a trot, I saunter - they trot. Been putting it off because of the weather but they've got to go, for a walk that is.

    Your swimming sounds energetic. Whenever I go to the pool I only ever seem to make it to the tiles on the bottom and that was before the tumour. Perhaps I should learn to swim first ;-)

    If you don't improve quite soon check with doctor, we're lucky (in a way) we have a drop in service so you can see a Doctor or Nurse practitioner same day, might be a 4hr wait but you'll be seen same day. Booked appointments however are differnt, average of 3 weeks before seeing a Doc, prob why long wait at drop in.

    Rest up, stay warm and really hope you're feeling better soon.





  • Thanks everyone. I think I'm maybe getting a cold, cos I've been blowing my nose a lot. Maybe I have also overdone it lately, mentally, not physically. I have organised a Christmas lunch for our Wednesday Headway social group, and perhaps the nitty gritty that goes with collecting the cash, etc, has taken it's toll. It's all arranged now I thnk!

    My sofa is nice and comfy with my two daschunds, Widget and Tetris!

    Dinners in the oven, so I'm all set!

  • I take it Tetris is the oldest because Widgets only appeared , as far as I know, with tablet PC's.

    I thought I was getting a cold but turned out to be a reaction to some lilies my sister-in-law gave us for our anniversary. Threw them out and snuffly runny nose and sneezes went with them.

    When you say dinners in the oven I hope you mean tonight's because if it for the Chrimbo lunch for Wednesday it might over-cook a little ;-)

  • I had my first ever asthma attack in the town centre recently and honestly thought I was dying from inability to breathe.

    Turns out it was the lilies I'd been buying regularly because of their striking appearance and beautiful smell. No more lilies for me !!

  • Lilies are poisonous to cats ;)

  • Yes I know Hedgehog, but I've been cat-less for a couple of years now so it was only me that was getting poisoned !!

  • The lilies we had looked really nice but smelled horrid! That was apart from the nasty reaction.

    As for causing an asthma attack that's terrifying on its own.

    Still as long as you're well now in time for the festivities that's a plus.

    Are they poisionous to dogs as well?

  • Yep highly toxic when eaten :o

  • Sorry Cat I was joking, 'cos of your user name

  • Well I fell for that one good & proper didn't I Hedgehog. You bad girl !! . . . . . . . . . . . just had a really good laugh though ! :-/ xx

  • Yes. It was tonight's dinner! Thanks

  • That's a relief, I was thinking all at your Headway dinner were going to have to go 'cold turkey' :-)

  • Hope you'll soon be over your sniffles Debs & it's just a slight cold.

    Sending a hug and two extra ones for Widget & Tetris. x

  • Thanks very much!

  • Weak and tired here for twenty years, twenty looong years....

    I'll wake up one day, full of life and zest.

    Or not

  • Hi Andy, in the early days I used to think that I'd wake up one day full of what passed for my joie de vivre but I'm just glad to be able to function for the whole day now!

    It was different on the cruise I had lots of energy every day, something to do with the weather and not having to lift a finger to do anything methinks!

    Oh to be a millionaire, I'm sure it's got its advantages :-) xx Janet

  • Too right! I'm sure some of my zeal will return on our forthcoming honeymoon...

  • Hi everyone

    Today I woke up feeling much better. I had a fairly good nights sleep as I took a sleeping pill, so I was only up twice in the night!

    Sniffles seem to be gone. I think it was a mental fatigue that I had! Well, let's hope!

    Thank you to all for your kind thoughts.

    (Oh by the way, Widget is now 6, and Tetris nearly 3! I can't remember who asked! Sorry!)

  • Hi Nutkin

    Glad to see you are feeling a bit better :)


  • Yes, I get that: from over-doing it, being stressed about where I live (freezing cold, no proper cooker), money and paperwork, endless MORE jobs piling up.

    Running to try even keep still. Knackering. And we pay for it days after.

    Glad you're feeling bit better now.

    I do that: try do without sleeping pills, can and do (was so much better before all latest stress and so many moves) but then the nightmares I'm having now wake me, terrified, so real. Can't sleep after then too late take a pill = blessed appointments = hate them, stress me out: clock-watching and so on, alarms...

    Yup, trying lots sleep tabs at mo, lots don't work though. And some seem to maybe sometimes.

    Worst last nightmares though with terrible fumes/stink in my place.

    Felt really ill, sick, couldn't breathe, faint, dizzy.

    No idea what from/what are, scary.

    Wonder if we're more susceptible to chemicals not used to and odours are chemicals that go into

    our bodies. ?

    People say 'make sure you rest', 'take time to relax' but too many things must do = can't.

    Or when I drop everything so I eat nearly properly then do nothing much else then lettersarrive, get told to do more.

    No. Stop.

    Can we say that, are we allowed?

    If not why not?!

  • Oh shame. It sounds like you are having a right old time of it. Poor you! All I can say is, no matter how much you do, try and take lots of breathers to top up your battery. Do not carry on and on and wear yourself out! Hope all ends up ok!

  • Thanks, I should, but driven to try to change my situation (and maybe others'?) ,nobody helping so keep trying but then collapse exhausted, eventually recover, try again,fail, collapse, exhaustion,depression... try again...on and on. Hard to keep pulling myself back up. Stupid anyway to even try? Can't ever do anything properly or good enough. Silly deluded old me.

    So no,not taking breathers as should, hate where I live and need to get out soon as poss,but stuck.

  • Well, good luck with finding alternate accommodation! If you want something badly enough, you WILL get it!

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