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Emma made me notice something in an earlier post, the words that are tagged in the original post that show up in turquoise bars. I have a game called Story Cubes. Tis a very simple game as well. You roll 9 dice, all with different symbols/images on them. Then line up the images facing up and make up a story involving those images. Very clever game, there are no right or wrong answers and stories can pan out however you like, no matter how pathetic they might sound. Although I do think saying "I had a dream and it involved this, this, this, this and this" is a bit of a simple answer and not very creative. This could get your brains going.

So the tagged words in my last post were 'tense', 'salivate', 'weaker', 'vein', 'eye', 'throw up', 'neck' and 'taste'. Oh and start by saying "Once upon a time...".

"Once upon a time there lived a relatively young man who would TENSE his bicep muscles to impress the ladies. The young ladies would SALIVATE and usually dribble on the floor while getting WEAKER at the knees, especially when the man's VEIN popped out. Another young lady was walking nearby and she clearly had a keen EYE for bargains whilst shopping. She walked over to the group of young ladies and flexing man and he made her THROW UP in her mouth, she did not like viewing these flexing body builders, she thought it looked gross. And as she turned her head in disgust, she pulled a muscle in her NECK. Due to this man making this lady throw up in her mouth, she was left with a bad TASTE in her mouth. The end".

That is how easy it can be.

You can change how it is worded if you like as long as you use those tagged words. You can even use the tagged words in your last post and make a story out of them, even if you have two tagged words.


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