I am so sorry :(

I am so sorry :(

hi guys i feel the need to apologize about my lack of posts about the calendar unfortunately I have been really poorly with viral meningitis and havent been able to look into it all and now I feel it may be too late to do it :/ I will look into other ways to raise money when i sell landscape pictures etc i will donate I do feel really bad about it all i dont like letting people down but this was out of my control I hope you all do forgive me :'( here's a pic to cheer me up :)

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  • So sorry to hear that you have now additionally suffered Viral Meningitis. Gosh you have been through a lot (I have just looked at your profile) with already having had a SAH and stroke. Hope the VM didn't make you too ill that you had to be hospitalized as I know it is now recognized that for some it too can have life long consequences whereas for others they recover with no lasting effects. I know this because years ago I had VM but I wasn't so poorly that I needed to go into hospital and was just prescribed an anti viral. But then in 2011 I was taken suddenly and seriously ill with Bacterial Meningitis & Septiceamia which has left me with life long BI problems but fortunately didn't get my life although it was thought that it would. I am sure others will agree that you don't need to apologise about not getting the calender done as your health and wellbeing def is the priority. Just think of it as a postponement to next xmas when you can have been preparing and sorting earlier in the year so when it is available well before xmas it will have the chance to raise maximum monies because like I said to your initial ideas post, that unfortunately I had already bought a calendar as I have to start filling it out (I always use one with space to write) a couple of months before the end of they year, otherwise I forget and misplace apts etc. Great that you are able to resume 'posting' again. Best wishes

  • thankyou so much for your reply I was only in hospital for 3 days I am in immense pain and they have said due to the strain I have it could take months to clear so just have to soldier on :)

  • You may find it helpful to go onto the HealthUnlocked Meningitis Now site. That was the first site I joined and have found it very helpful and supportive, likewise to on here, for understanding, info, ideas, the ups and downs etc but specifically in relation to meningitis. Also you can contact the Meningitis Now helpline 0800 028 18 28 or look on their website. They have lots of helpful booklets etc of info. They are a very supportive organisation in lots of ways. But yes the headaches can take a long time to resolve. It used to be thought that VM was no worse than flu, with no lasting effects and that after a week or so off people should be well and back to work. However, that is now known not to be the reality although even in the NHS and among Drs there is still a postcode lottery about how much is understood and the attitude surrounding it.

  • I know what you mean the drs at the hospital treated me like crap I only went in as I thought I was having another bleed thats how much pain i was in :/ its not the headaches that are the main prob I have pain down my spine and neck and my body keeps having mini fit type episodes (thats the only way i can explain) and im really tired but as i work for myself i have no time to be ill

  • Don't apologise for being ill, hope you've bounced back ok and no lasting effects.

    Glad to see you back, take care Love Janet xx

  • Yikes I had that when I was about 20 and I was in hospital for ages in a darked isolation room - they didn;t know so much back in the old days ;)

    Hope you will soon be feeling better...be gentle with yourself, these things take a lot more out of you than you may initially realise. I was fragile for months and I was an otherwise fit and healthy youngster at the time.

  • Yikes - don't apologise woman - you are amazing just to keep going but glad you posted so we know what you are dealing with in your usual amazing way. The ignorance of medical folk around anything related to the brain is astounding. Take care of yourself, Vanessa

  • You don't have to apologise for being ill especially with meningitis, just concentrate on getting better. :)

    Hope your feeling better soon, I'm sure the pictures can wait a few more days don't try and overdue things because you could get a lot worse, hope you feel better soon. :)

    Take care, Siobhan

  • Appologing for being ill is a bad habit to get into. The most important person is you and from the sounds of it you need more than most to take some 'me' time.

    If you have close family or good friends then do NOT turn down any offers of help they may give.

    I know it's hard, especially when you feel so ill and that you may not be able to return the favour, think on this, if they were in your shoes would you help them? Yes! Would you ls you expect them to 'pay you back in return? NO!

    I am lucky to ahve a few good friends that are really supportive and helpful and a wife that is just amazing in the way she copes with all the problems I pose for her.

    As for working for yourself, are there perhaps collegues in the sam sort of job that would be willing to muck in a bit and helptake at least some of the load, even if you had to give them a commision it would be worth it to help speed your recovery. After all it's no good pushing too hard now then falling flat and not being able to work at all. Better to pace yourself and take what ever help is offered and don't be afraid to ask for help. I think you will be pleasantly suprised at how many will be prepared to help given a chance.

    Hope you feel much better soon and remember to pace yourself properly, remember the story of the 'tortoise and the hare' its based on true experience.

    Wishing you well


    PS. The Christmas baby photo is a 'Cracker' in all senses of the word.

  • You poor thing Michelle. I had VM at the age of 40 and I thought the pain of migraines were bad 'til that hit me. I was hospitalised for 10 days & laid in a dark room. Did you have the lumber puncture after which you weren't allowed to move for 24 hours ?

    Please don't apologise for being so ill ; it's really horrible and, with the rotten after effects of fatigue, it's the last thing you need after the SAH.

    Make your recovery your no 1 priority Michelle and get as much rest as you can ; not easy with two children and a business I know. :o

    Lots of love & big hugs, Cat xx

  • Yes I had the horrific LP the Dr that came didnt seam confident so I told him I didnt want him to do it as I have had horrible experiences before but he assured me he could do it the anesthetic didnt work straight away but he carried on regardless of me screaming it wasnt until another dr told him to stop then he took over apparently I had 8 blooming holes!! it still isnt the record tho as the other hospital took 11 goes before they called a specialist to do it :/

  • That's horrible. I must've been lucky then because, although it certainly hurts like hell & takes ages, my doc got it in first time and asked constantly if I was ok.

    I'm so sorry yours was such a bad experience . . . . . as if the illness isn't enough to contend with !

    But they have to do this to test the spinal fluid for a precise diagnosis ; just what you don't need when your head's in such dreadful pain !

    How are you feeling now ; wiped out ? xx

  • yeh really tired and my spine and neck are hurting but i'll be fine :)

  • Did they supply you with a collar ?

  • Dont be silly I was sent away by the nurse saying its no different to the flu you'll be fine soon

  • Oh Christ Michelle ; she should be reprimanded for such irresponsible stupidity. I couldn't hold my head up by myself for weeks because my neck was so weak & painful.

    It's a scary fact that care in the NHS is so inconsistent and I'm sorry you were treated so poorly at such a vulnerable time ; I feel genuinely upset for you.

    Your GP should prescribe a collar if you feel you need the support. . . . . . .this is a basic need after viral meningitis !!

    I'll be checking up on you to see how you're feeling in a couple of weeks or so.

    At least YOU can be kind to YOURSELF now. I know you don't have loads of help available but take any that's offered. xxx

  • Oh bless you.

    Hope you feel better soon, try not to push yourself too much.

  • I love the pic!

    Sorry to hear you have had yet another set back. I hope you are feeling tip top soon.

  • thankyou everyone i'll take it easy as much as I can unfortunately its a busy time for me :/

  • WHen having my first LP the DOctor had a couple of students with him so he was quite embarrased at failing to 'get in' with comment of 'man you're all bone'. 6 holes and a nuber of bent needles later he gave up and I had it done a week later with x-ray guidance and had a compliment (well I took it that way lol) the Dr said 'well your the thinnest person I've had on the table fro quite some time'.

    No anesthetic and the headaches that followed horrendous but the good news was no increased pressure and no free cells so was worth it in the end.

  • You already know my thoughts but I thought I'd weigh in on this site too with my best wishes.

    Oh and to add that viral meningitis is no excuse not to turn up next week. Pull yourself together woman :)

  • you know i'll be there :)

  • you know i'll be there :)

  • you know i'll be there :)

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