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have recently learnt the reasons that i have difficulty with reading!

something about wavering eyes, being unable to focus and getting caught on the wrong lines of a page.

i mentioned this to my great counsellor at BASIC charity in manchester and she was nodding and saying

sciency words.

I NEVER KNEW THIS WAS A THING! and i've been so disappointed that i haven't been able to read any books since my injury in early 2013.

i'm going to go shopping for a magnifying glass!

my friend has also mentioned a sheet that goes on a book so that it blocks out other lines on the page (plus then it would be a bookmark which would be perfect, am i right?)

also thought about how a KINDLE would be excellent because you can set it with double spacing and change the brightness of the screen.

does anyone have some help, advice, recommendations around this kind of thing? or some experiences?

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I used to have huge difficulty reading. My injury was also early 2013. On the ipad, I had a kindle app, and on the biggest writing I would not quite read a page before the light on the ipad dimmed. And I could not remember what the previous page was about.

I now own a kindle, cos I moved to the UK, and my reading has got much better and I remember what the story is now.

Just keep practicing, and you will improve! Good luck!


Have a word with a specialist dyslexia teacher; there are strategies and techniques for helping with this problem in some cases of dyslexia.


Ask an opthalmologist or neurologist specialising in ent to check for rotary nystagmus.

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I too have problems with my sight & my hearing since my TBI in April 2013. I was sent to the eye department where they found I have a tracking problem and I also have a very suttle rotational nystagmus, which makes for lots of problems with reading and I struggle when in a car, my eyes can't keep up with what's moving outside and if the sun is out its even worse, my eyes can't keep up with the sun then shade. If I move my head to quickly my eyes can't keep up! I have trouble focusing and found the only way to read or watch t.v. at the beginning was to cover one eye. There is nothing wrong with my sight, I now have a pair of glasses with clear lenses but a prisim on the right lense as I also suffered with double vision. I was given medication to try & help with the problem but unfortunately the meds didn't help so I'm stuck with it. My hearing was also a problem, I had benign paroxysmal positional vertigo which I had the Epley maneuver carried out. Then it was found that my hearing on my left side was also damaged in the car accident & I also suffer from tinnitus, I now have hearing aids to not only help with my hearing, they also help with the tinnitus. It's not nice knowing something is not quite right with your eyesight or your hearing but even worse when you can't find the words to describe what is going on inside your head... I really hope you get to the bottom of what's going on and get the help you need.

Please let me know how you get on.

Valerie x


I have the same symptom and if I have to read a long article on the screen It`s quite difficult for me to keep reading in a sequence because the line I am reading start wobbling or moving up and down and I end it up to read the same sentence lots of time. I had the same suggestion that is reading using double line space or using kindle and changing the brightness of the screen because it seems that having a more grayish background can make your reading more comfortable.Honestly I love reading real books instead of e books,but sometimes It`s not my choice and if you need to read just few articles you cannot buy or borrow a book.Another thing I noticed is that if I read for a long time I mean over half hour my vision become blurred and I start to feel that I need a break or a nap not because the article is boring ,but because I feel tired to read for long hours and I prefer to listen instead of reading,so for example audio books are more comfortable for me.


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