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Hi, I had a fall in march this year and injured the front of my head on the right side, I was left with a dropping eye lid , neuralgia , and my eye brow fell out n never grew on that side.

Then in early June I had an incidence were I felt very dizzy and nausea, then my speech went, when it returned I had a marked stammer. I was first treated as stroke, but MRI confirmed this was not the case,

I says neurologist yesterday who said no stroke, or damage, and the stammer could be due to the fall but I need to see a phycologist not him.

I'm confused, as to why this is the case an what a phycologist can do. I'm seeing neurological speech therapy weekly, but with no results yet

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Hi sdcakt,

Thank you for your post. Getting to the bottom of this issue sounds like a real challenge, and I can understand the frustration.

It sounds like you are receiving appropriate rehab with the speech and language therapist, and the neurologist may be thinking that underlying the stammer is a 'cognitive' communication difficulty, so impairment to the thought processes that allow speech to flow. You can read more about this on our website at headway.org.uk/cognitive-co...

I think it would be worth taking a referral to a psychologist, specifically a neuropsychologist, as the causes of brain injury symptoms can be very complex and sometimes need a wider assessment. Once this assessment is done you should have a clearer idea of whether there is further rehabilitation that can be offered, and in the mean time the speech and language therapy may help lessen the impact of this.

Please don't hesitate to contact our helpline on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk to talk things through in more detail.

Best wishes,



Thank you for your support, I saw neurological speech therapy today, and fortunately they have a phycologist as part of their team saw they are repairing me across and I should have an appointment within two weeks ! I believe the community waiting list in my area is about a year so this is a real bonus


Good luck with your treatment sdcakt. I hope you find the answers you're looking for and that you'll receive best possible help with your difficulties.

And welcome to Headway ; there's always someone here ready to listen if/when you need company. xx


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