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My Liam started on a trial of medication yesterday. Sativex is used widely in adults who suffer mainly with MS. It's said to relax muscle, which in turn will lower muscle tone and make patients more comfortable. The drug is not yet available to children hence this only being a trial. Liam suffers real bad with very high tone all the time which many consultants have tried to improve and failed so fingers crossed this will do the trick. Has anyone here used or know someone who has used Sativex and if so any feed back will be appreciated xxx

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Hi Nicky,

Thank you for your post. I do hope some of our members will be able to share experiences of this, but as you say it is something that's most often used for people with MS at the moment.

It'd be really useful to hear about Liam's experience on this new medication, and I hope it is effective for him.

Best wishes,



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