After miscarrying my baby following an RTA in 2009 I am now finally 22 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl! :)

After miscarrying my baby following an RTA in 2009 I am now finally 22 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl! :)

although I am counting down the weeks terrified the unthinkable will happen and although I am constantly scared something will happen every single time i'm in a car, I am the happiest I have been in 5 years! I honestly didn't think this day would ever come! and I just wanted to share some happyness on this site! :) :) :) I wish everyone the best! and cherish all the good things in life!

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  • Congrats Good luck

  • thank you :)

  • Congratulations - lovely news. Relax and enjoy x

  • thank you! trying to make the most of the entire experience :)

  • Congrats.... lovely are clearly blooming . I hope we will get to "meet" your new addition down the line. Take care of yourself and enjoy the process.

  • thank you and yes i will definatly be showing her off :)

  • fantastic news kassybird - all the best for you, partner and baby.

    Yes I do understand the terrified when in car comment - I think french drivers here drive like maniacs - to my mind every driver was an accident waiting to happen. My car was written off last November, 4 days after a move, in an RTA when I was driving, also 9 mths after aneurysm and brain haemorrhage B I over here - no connection between the 2 and no actual physical damage to me of note.

    Since accident I have moved - again!.... taken 3 assessment driving lessons to date in a LHD not rhd as mine was, also had lots or rides and lifts from people, new english friends and french taxi drivers alike, worrying about my head every time, if I had a 3rd incident occur.

    BUT GUESS WHAT - yes I'm still here, alive and kicking at young age of nearly 67 and have survived every car journey since and realised they are not accidents waiting to happen - it was just me and my sense of proportion totally out of kilter. Please try not to stress, that will do you more harm than any likelihood of another accident happening.

    Hope this helps you.... cos I do understand.... so just look after you and baby, sit back, relax, stay calm and enjoy the ride. I also look forward to the 'laters' picture.....

    Shirley xx

  • thank you so much!

    yes i had a CBT - therapist after the crash who told me its as if you convince yourself that you should have been prepared for what happened when of course you couldnt be because it was a freak accident, so then its like your brain is always telling you to be ready for it to happen again (and yes constantly aware of all other drivers thinking they are going to do something unpredictable and stupid).

    some days im alot worse than others for worrying but im miles better than i was years ago, i was behind the wheel in the crash too and it took alot for me to drive again, but you are totally right, im still here! and surviving every car journey!!

    i hope you gain your confidence back with driving and riding in cars also!! :)

    kassy xx

  • ;and you Kassy - I bet you'll be 1st to the finishing post though! xxx :-) :-) I've still ot buy another car. I was only 3rd party equivalent out here - silly me forgot to upgrade to comprehensive last year and still don't know from police or insurance who is deemed at fault - Shirley xxx

  • Nice bump!

  • Enjoy your wonderful bump and spend time recording your thoughts and feelings. I kept a pregnancy diary after losing my first baby, the children love to sit and read about my thoughts hopes and fears during a very emotional time.

    They ask how I chose their name, it's written. I don't have to worry about remembering. I struggled with the baby books especially with the two boys that followed big sister. There never seemed enough time to top and tak pics anymore.

    I wish you all the very best for your family future x

  • ive been trying to keep on top of writing a diary but wondered whether she'd ever want to read it so im glad you said that! and thank you for saying about chosing a name i would have never thought to put in there how i'd chosen it! ive had a hard time with the father as he decided he wasnt ready and hasnt wanted much involvement so i have avoided putting anything about that or him in there, do you think i should? thanks again x

  • It's is the child's history. You could have his details in the diary and just say he was not ready to be a daddy. It can be quite scary for a bloke to take on that responsibility, as a woman we don't have much choice as we can't put the bump down somewhere convenient till we are ready.

    When baby arrives he might want to be more involved with the bundle of loveliness, but it might also scare the pants off him!

    There are some really very open thoughts and feelings in my diaries, some make slightly uncomfortable reading but I is absolutely true to the time and life experience.

    My daughter is 19 now and really appreciates her diary, there are stories about her gran grandad and great grandad who are all sadly passed now.

  • Congrats!


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