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Build up of muscle after brain surgyer/ craneoplasty

hi there,

I recently had a craneoplasty to put the piece of skull back in on the side of my head from a traumatic brain injury I had a few months earlier.

I notice as the swelling is going down that there is a big build up of muscle (not fluid) above my cheek bone.

Is there any way to fix this as once the swelling is fully down it will stand out quite a lot.

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Hi mike7575,

Thank you for your post. Have you spoken to your doctor or a member of the surgical team about this? Often patients will get a number they can call in case of any questions after major surgery, so this would be a good idea.

This may be a normal part of the recovery process, and if it does remain after the swelling has gone down there may be some plastic surgery available to reduce it. Definitely one for the treating doctors though I would think.

Best wishes,



Hi Mike. My husband also had a cranioplasty in July last year, after a massive SAH in October 2012, and like you has been left with a "lump" on the side of his face / head, with a dent above it. Several months on and he is not really bothered about it. More surgery would just be too much after all he has been through, so I think we will live with it, and have it as a reminder of what a difficult time it all was!! I suppose it depends how much you are conscious of it, but I don't think people really notice it at all. All the best with whatever you decide. Regards, Molly


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