I have been pondering for days whether to ask this........Where's Bikerlifestyle and is he ok.... He normally offers lots of guidance and advice on this site and he's not been around. I know we don't always feel like posting or commenting, but Biker if your reading this....I wish you well, take care and hope we on here hear from you soon. Until then all the best and take care

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  • My thoughts too, was wondering where he is .

    Janet xxxx

  • I have missed Bikerlifestyle too - do if you are reading but not feeling like replying I hope you are OK x

  • thank you, i am going throiugh a rough patch at the moment and just about have energy to cope, am fighting it, but i become a bit of a loner and go quiet when i feel like this, i shall be back, just mentally useless at the moment.

  • No problem just glad you're still about, hope you're back soon take care Love Janet xxxxxx

  • So sorry to hear this. I always look forward to hearing how your getting on. Hope your feeling better soon. Jo xx

  • All the best, mate. Take care, look after yourself


  • Thinking of you Biker. Time for to get back some of the help and support you offer so many on this forum. Take it easy buddy

  • Sorry to hear about the rough patch - but fully understand from living with my other half that there are times post brain injury when being a loner is the way to go. Be great to see you back but in your own time x

  • Understood completely. 53 weeks since I fell; getting better, slowly. Thanks for being around when I first joined here. Wishing you better.

  • Hi Biker,

    Glad you have got in touch. I'm sorry to hear things are not so good just now. As you say, you are a fighter and hopefully in time you will feel stronger and mentally better. Until then Biker take care and all the very best to you

  • Take your time Mark........while remembering how much you are missed and loved by all here. See you later. Cat xx

    ...................& Best Wishes for the new year.

  • Best Wishes Biker xx

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