New 2 headway dear friend of mine age 37 suffered SAH on Friday evening,they operated saturday but she has not woke yet, any advice please?

I have read as much info as I possibly can on ruptured aneurysms so I am prepared for the worst. she has been off sedation for 24 hours now but still has a breathing tube in and a drain for CSF, I know it is only early days but feel like I need to hear from people that have suffered similar conditions and survived so I can boost positive thoughts and be strong for her if and when she wakes. Thankyou

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I had my SAH 21 months ago. I remember nothing of the first 3/4 weeks but I learned later that my family just stayed with me and 'hoped for the best' until there was evidence of recovery.

I really do sympathise with what you're going through but it is, I'm afraid, simply a waiting game. No one can be sure of the outcome after a haemorrhage, not even the specialists.

Initially, my family feared It was the end for me but I'm here to tell you that those wonderful surgeons will have used every bit of their expertise to give your friend the best possible outcome, and there is every reason to be optimistic. And, yes, it is early days so do keep those positive thoughts flowing, for both your friend's sake and your own.

Remember, the rehab.wards are full to capacity of such survivors. I hope your friend will soon be one of them.

Sincere best wishes, Cat x


Welcome HFCE6913

It took my husband 11 days to start to show signs that he was still there and, although still a fairly damaged soul with a long road ahead, he has made an incredible recovery over the last two years.

Cat (as usual) is spot on with everything she said. The only thing I would add is to not pay too much attention to the doom sayers of the medical profession; they err on the side of worst case scenario and sometimes forget that hope is all that holds friends and family together.

We're here if you need us.

Charlie x


Hi HFCE6913,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear about the situation with your friend, and certainly agree with the comments from Cat and Dorsetcharlie.

Headway's booklet 'Hospital treatment and early recovery after brain injury' might be useful to you at this stage. I'd be happy to post a copy to you - just send us a private message with your name and address by clicking this link: healthunlocked.com/messages...

If you would like to talk things through with our helpline, do contact them on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk.

I know the support of our members on here will be really valuable as things progress, so do keep in touch.

Best wishes,



Hi, I send you my support too, the clinicians will only ever give you the worst case scenario as they have to not hold out unrealistic hope, and my GP says they still don't know the full capabilities of the brain, so the best we can do is watch and wait while providing the best possible environment for recovery, so lots of love and support and as little stress as possible, and as I've said before, I imagined my brain as if I was a toddler learning again and wasn't embarrassed at my inability to do some things I found easy before, I allowed myself the time to relearn and a lot has come back, I have astounded my GP. take care of yourself and your friend and have patience. Love Janet xxxx


Thank you for all your comments, Today 13.9.13 they have removed the breathing tube and she is breathing by herself successfully so feel that a corner has been turned, all be it a small corner, she is responding to questions by nodding her head and seems to have full movement in all her limbs so feeling really positive today, the neuro surgeon and doctors etc have been fantastic, she has had 8 coils placed into her brain and the aneurysm was 1.5 cm large so considering these factors I think she is doing incredibly well, they didn't expect her to survive the operation due to how long she was bleeding into her brain without medical assistance, it has been wonderful to find this website and seek support from people that have suffered the same and are here to tell their stories so

again thank you so much for all your encouraging and positive comments, I am visiting her again tomorrow so hoping that each day now brings a new ray of light, you are all truly an inspiration thank you xx


Thank you so much for updating us with this brilliant news. It looks like all the signs are there so what's required now is lots of patience and faith.

Keep talking to your friend even when you're not sure it's getting through......It can be really reassuring for someone in that strange 'place' to hear regular, familiar voices.

I hope your friend goes from strength to strength. You're obviously a caring friend who can be a great help in the weeks/months to come. :-)

Please keep us updated further when you can.

Best wishes Cat xx


thank you so much, I will post an update tonight after the visit, and thank you for your advice, it is great knowing that you are here to share the journey with me, kind regards Alison xx


Hi HFCE6913 My thoughts and prayers are for your friend, you and all who know her. So good to read the news that she is starting her recovery all ready. x


Thank you for your kind words, I visited her yesterday, she has come on fantastically in these last few days, she spoke yesterday which is amazing, she tires very quickly, they are trying to speed up the draining of the CSF from her brain so the doctors have said no visitors today as they don't want to distress her, but I am feeling very optimistic now for the future, I am visiting again on Tuesday so will post an update after the visit, thank you all, Alison x


That all sounds VERY positive.

Hang on to your hope!

C x


Oh Alison, that's wonderful news......you must be so, so relieved. The fact that your friend is speaking is really promising and here's hoping it's the beginning of a good recovery.

Progress is normally quite slow after a haemorrhage, as you've probably learned from what you've read, but you can breathe more easily now and, (as Charlie says) hang on to your hope. Thank you for this great piece of news and enjoy your visit tomorrow. All your support can only help with the healing process. Love, Cat xx


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