Can I ask if people who live close to me would like to join our social group?

ok when the headway group was happening at Warwickshire college I was meeting people then. But the thing is that it has ended now.

Somebody got in touch with me from that group and now we have a small group of people that I see each week. I am on this forum to try and find more people who wants to join our small group of people.

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  • Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your post.

    I have spoken to our Regional Coordinator in the area, and I understand that Headway Coventry and Warwickshire is currently working to set up more meetings across the county.

    Can I suggest you contact the branch to discuss the options here? You can find details on our website at

    I am sure they'd be very happy to hear from you and other interested people, as they work to identify the need for their services in the area.

    Best wishes,


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