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Coping with flashbacks from after my severe brain injury

had my SBI 50 years ago and really struggled to cope (without any help) for the first 10 years after I gradually coped with life with the occasional back slide.

About 3 months ago after the death of a close friend I have being having flashbacks of what I went through during those first 10 years and can't relax is this normal ?

I am receiving treatment from my GP at the moment at last

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Hi dillm. I'm sorry you're so troubled and please accept my sympathy for the death of your friend.

It sounds like you never really had much support after your brain injury and now,the death of your friend has triggered old memories of traumatic events..........which you've never actually 'dealt' with and are still haunting you. :-(

What sort of treatment are you receiving from your GP ? Could he/she arrange for you to see a therapist on a regular basis to tackle these psychological demons once and for all ? It sounds like you might benefit from some serious off-loading to an experienced counsellor. What do you think ?


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