Will my reflexes improve?

Hi all

My brain was damaged on the left side meaning the right side of my body has been effected. My reflex/reaction speed is very slow. For example, when trying to tap my foot, the reaction speed is so slow. Being a drummer prior to my accident I find this frustrating, as you may well know, when drumming, you use both legs and use speed.

What do you think my chances are of this improving? Does anybody know of any exercise's I can do that may improve this? My right arm is the same but I'm still awaiting an operation due to physical damage.

Any suggestions would be great.



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I guess it would depend on how much damage was done. In my case I have overcome all problems with my left side; walking fine motor skills etc, yet there is still a weakness and when I become tired I go into melt down. Get a good physiotherapist they cover all aspects' neuro walking talking mobility etc so if one physiotherapist is not helping it could be time to move onto the next specialised physiotherapist


Hey brighton88

sorry, not sure your name! I certainly know what you mean about the tiredness, I too, am all over the place when tired. To be honest the physio I've been having since I Ieft the rehab center in April last year hasn't been much and they're not the best. The rehab center's physio team were excellent. They can watch how a person is walking, or trying to walk, and pinpoint all the specific problems they need to work on. Unfortunately, my local outpatient physio is no where near this standard. Oh well, might have to accept no improvement on this!


although i am not a neurological expert i can advise having once upon a time suffered damage to my ankle ligaments what ican suggest is lots and lots of atempts to get up on your toes foot flat om f;loor raise the heel as far as possible repeat for 10 mins at a time 5 times a day or get hold of a piece if round wood approx 3 foot diameter screw on the vbottom in the centre a half a 6 in ball then try to stand on it keeping balance but woring both your anles trying to eep an edge on the floor woring round for a full circumfrance of the wood do this for 10 mins again 5 times a day neil


I would have thought that any disciplined exercise would be beneficial in re-educating and toning muscles and nerves. I don't know how mobile you have become but I'm a great believer in walking, a little further each day to restore rhythm and balance. Simple....but can be quite effective. :-)


I idi walking and then aqua aerobics, I struggle doing repeated things for any length of time. Build up slowly and don't give up. But remember to learn to walk before you lern to run!!


Thanks for your comments and suggestions. It would be nice to go back to where I was at the rehab unit to see what their outpatient rehab team are like, but it might not be possible because of the location. It's about 20 miles from my hometown so not sure if it will cover my area.


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