Update on trip to rehab unit

Hi, thought I'd let you know how the appointment went. It was strangely reassuring going back and seeing old faces, as I thought there is little more they an help me with but it was reassuring knowing he knew what I was talking about when I found it difficult to explain the problems with my sight, balance and feeling in my right arm. As I thought I have to practice the balance, they can give me tablets for the arm if it becomes too difficult to cope with but they have side effects so I will carry on and he is requesting my GP sends me to an ophthalmologist because he has no results from the field of vision test (the hospital overlooked sending them!) but I doubt that anything can be done, apparently the damage is in my cerebellum, which explains the balance and sight problems, but I must practice, practice, practice to give my brain the best chance to re-wire. I have another appointment in 12 months and he said to contact him if I was ever in need of help. I can contact him if I need back up for the DWP appeal and I can carry on taking the antihistamines, no problem, I find if I take half occasionally they help me sleep and I seem to have a better day the next day, but he didn't know why that would be. So its carry on as you were!

Take care all, love Janet x

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Let's face it Janet there's only so much they can do before we're left to our own devices. But it is reassuring talking things over and then hearing that you can contact them any time. :-)

Which hospital were you treated at ? xx


I was in the Royal Oldham, they talked about transferring me to Hope but it never came about and then I did my rehab at the Floyd unit which is part of Birch Hill Rochdale, they were fantastic just not easy to get to for visiting. The Royal Oldham was ok on the whole but they kept me on a general ward and talked of moving me to the stroke ward where I would have got more specialised treatment but as I say it never came about, not that I remember any of this, this is just what my family tell me, I only really remember most things from when they moved me to the Floyd. Were you in Hope? xx


Yes I was, Janet. I'm the same I don't remember anything at all of the first month. I presumed I'd been unconscious & I was shocked to learn,later, that I'd been conscious throughout.

I'm honestly so thankful that I was taken to Salford.Royal. It's such a clean, bright, high tech hospital and the staff were wonderful, with both patients and their families.

I went back to thank the HDU staff once I was properly mobile and I was treated like royalty. I was shown the exact bed where I had spent a month of my life but it didn't look in the least familiar and the nurses themselves were only vaguely familiar, like characters from a dream.

They told me how rewarding it is to see the once critically-ill person transformed into a walking, talking, functioning human being & thinking "A job well done............ and appreciated".

Take care m'dear :-) xx


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