Increase Your Alpha (Fe)Male Credentials

Every good alpha male and female has lots of keys on their keyring. This is a sign you have access to lots of places and are thus more important than people with smaller keyrings. The largest key on my keyring is a Radar scheme key which gets me into disabled loos and other facilities only important people can use. Anyone can buy one with just a confirmation tick box that you're disabled (nothing complex like blue badges here), and those of us with head injuries deserve any help we can get to make life a little easier. If you live near a canal is might also be useful to get a BW key from Scottish Canals or CART to use the various facilities along the canals.

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when i saw the name of this post in the email reminder, i though another spammer had got in LOL

:) :)


Me too




Excellent top tips! I think I have a Morris starting handle somewhere! Could be the ultimate Alpha Key?


If i had a large Radar key i might not lose my 'bunch' quite so often!

I have lost so many keys, and i have keys hanging in a cupboard but have no idea what they are for!

I have had them on lanyards and keyrings that beep etc. Maybe i need a gps device in my keyring ;-)

Seems im not an alpha female....


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