ABI 5 months headbanger, can I go abroad next month??

Hi guys. Fell 5 months ago. Single mum of 4. ABI. lost taste and smell. Get very exhausted very easily. Think im fine then it builds up and bang...I think its the exhaustion that causes my dizziness, slurry speech and confusion. Im learning to pace myself with help of brain injury team. Tv, reading, doing this,,it all causes symptoms so i limit myself. My question is, My friend wants to take us abroad next month to turkey. If i pace myself would i be ok? Any advice would be good. Worried about heat and flight? Thanks you x

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Sorry to hear that, that's awful. That's probably an understatement though.

I remember I wanted to go to a music festival about 6 months after my stroke, decided not to go though, which is annoying. I say that it was my decision, but my body decided to not let me go.

Relax a bit, and take some time off to gather yourself. I know that I'd be just worried all the time and not enjoy it anyway.

Oh yeah, and you should probably ask a doctor :D


Agree with above. Quite apart from headaches/dizzy spells and their discomfort, what you need to be particularly mindful of is not bringing on a seizure at this stage by pushing too hard, too fast. Deffo get professional advice on this rather than 'us' or your great friend.

Sounds like you are a real achiever; make sure that isn't likely to bounce back on you and family before making the leap.

Very very best wishes


I was told there'd be no problem, I have abi from encephalitis I'm off to turkey in July, can't wait for increase in light cos I need plenty light to see detail and It'll be good not to have to wear scratchy heavy clothes all the time, my skin is super sensitive too, this warm weather has been heavenly, I just hide away if it gets too much, sitting under a parasol on the each with a cool drink is just calling to me, if you go have a great time and relax xx


Hi, I went to Greece 6 months after my SAH, I asked the doctor first. I was worried about flight, heat etc and although I couldn't do much whilst there, due to the fatigue, I enjoyed the change, relaxing

and people not knowing what had happened so treating me 'normally'. I am looking forward to going again in July and hoping to see more of the sights this time. The advice I would give is make sure you have good insurance and they are fully aware of your condition, it cost me a bit more but worth it just in case. Enjoy x


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