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brain haemorrhage 3 years ago... only now getting pins and needles and tingling down left side of body and face - could there be a link?

3 years ago I had a brain haemorrhage in my right occipital lobe, I was lucky and wasn't left with any lasting side effects from it.

At the weekend, out of no where I suddenly started getting pins and needles in my left hand and forearm, and it started to spread up to my face and the rest of my left side. Obviously I went to A&E and was admitted to hospital and had a CT and MRI scan that just showed my old 'scar' as it were.

They mentioned that the pins and needles (which still remain) could be down to the old 'scar'. But it seems strange to me that I would have no lasting effects from the brain haemorrhage and then suddenly get this 3 years later?

Does anyone have any experience of this? I've been given Gabapentin and am due to go back to see the neurologist in a few weeks.



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after my 2007 sah i experienced lots of pins needles and aches in my arms especislly my let arm my weakest i am right handed gabapentin sorted it out after a month now and again i still feel sligt pins and needles which i dont worry about usually due to lack of movement a quick shake of arm windmill etc it goes neil


b12 and b12 complex vitamins

aide nerve repair

good luck


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