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Dizziness won't go away

My 27 year old son had a large cavernoma removed from the cerebellum area and now have to learn to balance, speak and see again, he has since had a shunt fitted to cope with the pressure but feels constantly dizzy and needs to lay don most of the time. We are now in week 11 and although he has improved a lot the dizziness is a huge problem, anyone else experience similar symptoms?

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Hi my son was very dizzy after his tbi, I was advised to give him isotonic drinks, hope I've spelt that correctly, they did help him so maybe worth a try, hope this helps



Thats worth a try, thank you



Hi, you need to find out if the dizziness is caused by ear problem or brain, sometimes the ear problem can be fixed with the Eply manouvre, see my answer to BPPV, mine was luckily, but still have balance issues, ask for a referral to Ear Nose and Throat at hospital, that should progress things Good Luck


Hello Fonderflo, I sent a private message to you but don't know if you are still on this site. I can only see posts from 4 years ago.



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