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Hi all , my husband suffered a TBI almost 2 years ago and is still suffering with cognitive difficulties, fatigue, memory problems also has a real problem with dizziness, although he say that is the the right word for it , it comes every day and night and makes him feel like he is falling when laying down and be pushed over when standing. The doctors have investigated the vestibular region of his brain and say it isn't coming from there , does anyone else have experience of this, it is really quite disabling, brings on the stuttering and fatigue .

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Vertigo? I've been told mine is coming from my cerebellum/ brainstem.

widge43 in reply to lily82

Thanks for responding, Is that as a result of a TBI? How long have you been suffering?

lily82 in reply to widge43

Yes, it's from the TBI, but I also have an undiagnosed brain condition that's affecting my cerebellum/ brainstem, that causes the vertigo.

Hi lily82 Are they looking at Chiari - a brain herniation which can be caused by trauma. It causes balance and vision problems and severe headaches.

On no that must be horrible i hope things are being investigated for you, it's hard not knowing what's going on

Hiya might be worth seeing a physiotherapist to see if he's got bvp..my husband had vertigo after his bi 6 months ago altho it didn't cause him to stutter. Bvp is when the tiny stones in the ear are knocked out of place. It's very simple to rectify just involves being moved in certain positions altho it's not pleasant my hubby thought he would be sick! But the dizziness was gone within 24 hours. Might be worth checking out? Xx

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Thanks jodr glad your husband's​ dizziness got sorted out, mine has been checked for that and it's been ruled out

Only to a mild degree, used to get it in bed/sofa etc. Now either looking up, or bus/train station where my visual sense of what's moving and what isn't gets confused. Balance or rather having to think about it, is remarkably tiring. I find public transport tiring for that reason.

Mine originally was like your husbands but it slowly got better as time when on. I'm 2 1/2 years knock on wood/head

Thank you Roger it's really good to know that this has improved a bit for you i wish you well

Hi ther a dont know if this help your situation your husband is in.i had a tbi 8 years ago my symptons arent as bad as your husband but i get dizzy if i move my head quick laying down or sitting down or if a look up to the sky while walking so have to stop a think it was worse back nearer the time of my accident but 8 years later it still affects me a little but ive learned how to turn my head better and things.a suppose am teln you this to your husband so he knows hes not alone.if its getn him down am 36 and still got those symptoms 8 years later.craig

Hi Astley10, I had my bi 4 years ago and have suffered same symptoms as you along with severe headaches. Went for a standing MRI of my cranio- cervical junction since my supine NHS MRI's showed nothing but several white matter hyperintensities which they said was normal. The standing MRI images show I have a torn alar ligament, stretched transverse ligaments, brain herniation and kyphotic clivo-axial angle. Feeling a bit better now but probably because I'm out of work so can rest my brain when fatigue hits me.

Thank-you Astley10 it seems to be such a long road I am glad you are feeling a little better

Thanks Craig, it is so good to be able to hear about your and others experiences, like you say good to know we aren't alone , sad that TBI affect s for the rest of your life it seems , good luck to you

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