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went out

went out to a local photography club tonight

was new there, so was very much outside my comfort zone.

it was great there were lots of people there, from teenagers upto pensioners

a good mix of people, i learned some new things which i have forgotten already but slowly slowly catchy monkey

i did enjoy it, and they have invited me back again so its a start

i just have to not talk my self out of going, and making excuses.

but i am pretty proud that i went out and met new people.

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And so you should be proud, it can take a lot of guts (and energy!) to go to a group when you don't know anyone. Pat on the back well deserved! :-)


Well done.hope u get many more great nights.


Great news! It is difficult meeting new people and you coped and enjoyed yourself too. They would not have asked you back if they didn't like you so keep that in mind and go back again and again. You will have fun, learn new things and more importantly make new friends.


thanks folks, i do feel good about it.

i am alright going places where i know people, but new people are hard

but everyone was nice and i had a goof laugh :)


Well done you :-) each day a learning curve and a step in the right direction


Nice one, biker. There's nothing quite like that feeling of achievement when you're enjoying something which you were previously dreading and almost gave up on.

It'd be an awful waste if you didn't keep this up now you've met the people and been welcomed by them. And it's such a rewarding activity.

How often do they meet ?


Just seen elsewhere that it's weekly so get yourself down there next week !


especially like the horse & citroen...........good contrast with the black & yellow.

Is that a Harley engine ?

Also like the group of bikers; does it give you nostalgia ? xx ;-)


the car is a sylva jester, its my 'other' car i just cant fit my wheelchair in it lol so if i go out, i have to come back to where i came from as my chair has to stay home


yep a harley engine

i still go to plenty of biker rallies so am still involved with the biker scene :)


That is one seriously cool vehicle......sorry thought it was a vintage citroen. Is it a kit car ?

Where were the photos of the car taken ? Looks very quaint.


yeah its a kitcar, based on an XR2

i am a petrolhead

it was on old church but some builders bought it to use it as their head office, but left the headstones in place, its quite nice


Nice one, glad you met some new faces and enjoyed yourself. Loving the pics too :-)


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