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Action for Brain Injury Week 2013 - Headway launches new information for GPs


Hello everyone,

Today marks the start of ABI Week. This year we have launched a positive campaign to assist GPs in diagnosing, managing and referring patients with acquired brain injury.

You can read more about the campaign at

- Patient experiences

As part of the campaign we are running a survey of patient experiences of care from their GP. We've had an excellent response to this from our members, including lots of you on this community.

You can read some selected experiences and take part in the survey at

We plan to keep this running for a while longer, and we will release the results on our website soon!

- GP pledge

We are giving GPs the opportunity to support our campaign by signing a simple pledge:

"I acknowledge that the effects of brain injury can be complex and often hidden and pledge to do all I can to help those affected"

Next time you see your GP, why not ask them to sign up at:

- Resource for GPs

The campaign focuses on our new resources to help GPs diagnose, manage and refer patients with acquired brain injury. This should be helpful for patients and carers who would like to discuss the effects of brain injury and seek appropriate support, and will help GPs to provide the necessary information to their patients with a brain injury.

You can view the resources at

Being a web resource, we intend to add to this over time. Please do tell your GP about this new information.

- Hats for Headway Day!

Don't forget Friday 17th May 2013 is Hats for Headway Day. This annual event aims to raise awareness in a fun way - wear a hat, make a donation and help improve life after brain injury.

You can find out more at

- Local events

Headway Groups and Branches are holding events around the country to mark Action for Brain Injury Week. Activities range from coffee mornings, picnics and art exhibitions to seminars and information days - there's something for everyone!

Contact your local Headway and see what's going on in your area at

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Sent the press relise about the Headway GP but heard nothing back. Its a shame Headway do not have much press coverage

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