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My love story! 1 worn out woman, 1 House, 4 sons and a hubby with a brain injury.....(4)

Is it too much to do a three course meal or is it the perfect way to show off? We are going to have to play this really careful, after all we are friends and we have mutual friends and we are in the same circle. This could go very well or really really wrong.

Ryan messaged me to open the back door so he could sneak in. As I opened the door it suddenly dawned on me the amount of people stood around..... It was bonfire night and everyone was out!

He finally arrived and he never left. The next few months went really fast, We had our first date and then our second. We never spent a night apart after that first meal. I was in love and so was he. I found out I was pregnant not long in to the relationship and was over the moon when I told Ryan. He was so happy.

We decided to move into Ryan's flat and pack up my house until we could move to a new home together. The flat was the lesser of two evils and worked in our favour as it was less to run then a big house.

We were happy the three of us and the bump in our own little world waiting to move into our new home. It wouldn't be ready until the July so we just plodded along. Ryan had just got his door badge through and was looking for door work to do. I was growing nicely and Aaron was adjusting well to the new surroundings.

The 23rd June came along like any other day. Ryan had planned to go out with his cousin for his birthday that night and I was going to see my mum for a while. I felt a bit off most of the day and when I nipped to the loo I had noticed I was bleeding. We went straight to the hospital.

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really enjoying your love story. i know that things are going to take a distressing turn soon but am really warmed by hearing the wonderful parts first. Thanks


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