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Asthma, Allergies and Hailey Hailey?

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I've had asthma and allergies all 24 years of my life. Within the last year I was diagnosed with Hailey Hailey after having a biopsy.

I was wondering if anyone else diagnosed with HHD also has allergies and/or asthma. I've noticed that whenever my asthma is acting up and I have to use my emergency inhaler, there will be a new red mark under my breasts.

Has anyone else had a similar reaction? Could my asthma be triggering my flare ups? Or could it rather be just the asthma medication?

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One of the bad things about Hailey- Hailey that I have found out .Is there seem to be different triggers to set off the flare ups . Stress is my big trigger ,so maybe with your asthma causing you breathing problems your stressing over that and causes your Hailey Hailey to flare. Just my opinion from my life with this gosh awful disease .

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