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Hi all. Newby here. Name is Stefan, am 60 years old and have had HHD since 35 years of age. Originally GPs always treated me for fungal infections but work doctor sent me to a Demo and biopsy indicated HHD. Started with weak cortisone creams and over the years getting stronger cream and anti viral tablets. Unfortunately recently my groin flare up has gone ballistic showing not only the typical HHD but also vegetation ( as the Dr called it ) resembling warts and grows which I have never experienced before. Not sure if the continue use of clobetasol oinment over the year has done something strange to the skin. Biopsys still confirmed HHD ( Dr thought it could be genital warts ~ but not ). Tried LDN cream, then LDN tablets, viral Tablets Burrows and bleach soaks etc., to no avail. Currently been placed on Acitrectine tablets and anti virals. Next to Derm is late Jan 2018. Has anyone ever experience this vegtation with their HHD ? Bye for now

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Hi Stefan, My name is Salem , I m now 52 and had HHD for the past 25 Years ( For the last 2 years almost FREE of HHD) I Read your post , have gone through all what you mentioned . I Live in Alexandaria, VA pls Call me on 5715511640 . I would be very glad to Advise you what medication and Diet I used to get out of Hell .

I Know the pain and misery of HHD and I don't want any Human to go through what I have Experienced .

Happy Holidays



Hi Salem

Thank you for your reply.

However can you share your remedies with me and others on the forum so we all can benefit from your knowledge or perhaps you have shared previously~hence I will check your previous posts.




Hi Stefan, Thanks for your reply!! I would love to Share my Experience and Remdies with Every one Who Suffers From HHD but not easy to post it because I want put all the details of the past 20 years ( Tried many Many Types of Medicines & Creams ) My Relive from HHD navel came overnight . While I was Suffering it was my Always dream if some one who is Treated/Cured Can Talk to me and Advise me on how to handle it .

Any one in this community or else, Can Call me on 0015715511640 Salem Between 1100 Am and 4pm and I would be Glad to Explain in Detail .

I wish I had such Chances when I was suffering from HHD ( I was in Hell 6 Days a week ) Treated in Hongkong, Bangkok and Elsewhere including Usa but NO Result,

So pls Call and discuss!! My Great Happiness would be to see or hear my Experience help Others

Happy New Year



You should post.

Awaiting your written contribution