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Hi I have recently been diagnosed with genetic haemochromatosis & have been referred to the hospital to be seen by a consultant. Though have recently been told it is up to year for the waiting list. I have recently been feeling extremely tired & headaches gave been coming on more often as in the last week I have a headache nearly every other day (normally dont suffer headaches that often). I have been feeling low with it as family or I dont understand if this is normal with the condition.

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It could be due to the Haemo- or just worry- or something else.

Have you had your ferritin tested?

If so- what is it? - if it is above - say 3or 400- then you could donate blood as often as possible. Each donation should reduce the ferritin by about 25.

That may have a good effect on the rest of your health.

All the best.

It's great that at least you know you are HH and can do something about it. So many people suffer hugely before they are diagnosed and are severely damaged as a result.

Hopefully you can do something now.


Getting them done on Monday so hopefully get the results a day or so after


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