Pre Phleb advice

At last I've been given a date for phleb- next Monday 16th.

They said to have a good breakfast and hydrate with 2 litres.

What constitutes a" good " breakfast- I usually have a home made muesli ( plenty nuts and raisins etc) and if I drink 2 litres of liquid I'll be running to the loo every five mins ( thanks to enlarged prostate)

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Also anything I should be doing post phleb to ensure good recovery.


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  • Hi.

    Your muesli sounds great. Maybe add some toast and OJ?

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    B. X

  • Good idea! Not allowed Orange due to iron binding- apparently. Which is a great source of sorrow to me. Toast n marmalade sounds brilliant. Oooops- no marma- just honey.😥


  • :( good luck. X

  • 2 litres is an awful lot! My blood usually flows easily so I never do anything special beforehand but they do say to have a drink (not caffeine) and, if the blood doesn't usually flow easily, run up and down the stairs a bit. Maybe that gets the heart pumping.

  • Thanks- good idea about the running. I think the clinic is second floor!!😂

  • Madlegs,

    I think two litres is excessive, just drink plenty of water and eat a well balanced breakfast. Homemade muesli sounds yum.

    I always take a bottle of water and a seed or protein bar for straight afterwards. If you arrive hot, your veins will be more sticking out more and the blood will flow better.

    My hospital is up a hill so I always walk up.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Radd- that's really helpful and reassuring.

    I'll let ye all know how it goes.


  • Had the phleb today. All went well and no issues. They just took a small amount for the first time. I go back in a fortnight.

    Thanks to all for the support and advice.


  • Hooray! X

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