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Warning re some Eat Natural cereal contains gluten

I Visited my Tesco free from aisle to stock up on some Eat Natural bars to keep in for emergencies. Saw their Eat Natural Apricot and Almond cereal - thought I'd give it a try. Next morning, poured it in my bowl then noticed it had spelt in it! Have complained to Tesco and Eat Natural in case their merchandisers had put it in wrong place. Just thought I'd post this to warn others.

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thanks. I always got exasperated that their 'gluten free' lable on the bars is in tiny writing and hidden in the flap. Some have oats so I have to be careful.


Always always read the full ingredients list it's the only way to protect yourself.

Callistodevi - what exact one are you referring to their Apricot bar states:

Ingredients 35g bar:

Yoghurt flavour coating 31% (vegetable oil, sugar, milk whey, dried yoghurt, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), dried apricots 18%, almonds 13%, shredded coconut 13%, glucose syrup, crisped rice (rice, sugar), honey.

Food sensitivity and allergy advice:

Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Contains nuts and cow's milk. In our Makery, we use peanuts, soya and sesame seeds. We can't be absolutely sure they won't find their way into this bar.

Meanwhile they're Apricot and Hazelnut has:


Dried apricots 20%, glucose syrup, sultanas 11%, hazelnuts 10%, almonds 10%, shredded coconut 10%, crisped rice (rice, sugar), peanuts 9%, honey, Bourbon vanilla extract 0.3%

I can't see any Spelt ones.

If you're talking about their breakfast Cereal then yes lots of 'healthy' ranges end up adding oats or spelt to these to make them more user friendly for non coeliacs

And the cereal does clearly label spelt on the front:

Agree it's not ideal adding it to the Free From aisle but it's important to remember that it's not the aisle for Coeliacs. Often it's just where any Free From products are thrown and wheat free but not gluten free are often added along with lactose free, soy free, nut free etc.


Hmm.. Bad luck On your unfortunate purchase. It does spell it out on the front of the box - so it's not exactly hidden in the ingredients list. Should've gone to spec savers maybe?... ;-)


I think they bung some brands in the special aisle with little consideration - take Mrs Crimbles, twice my sister has brought over cake for my Mum that I've had to whisper to my Mum "oh, it's the not suitable for coelicas one!"

Likewise, Mum has had to complain in one supermarket that the macaroons under the normal cake section were priced up cheaper than the ones in the free-from section, exactly the same product!


I also buy packs of Mrs Crumbles large choc macaroons (gluten free) in Asda, and they are only £1 per pac of 6. I have also recently bought a pack of free from Supreme Golden Crunch biscuits there too, They are so scrummy that I could eat the whole pack with my coffee!!! They are £1. 40 for 9 large ones, and as I live on my own they are all for me(yipee) give them a whirl and see what you think, as I love sweet things


The free from range in supermarkets cover a broad spectrum.......not all the stuff is suitable for coeliac........but hey such is life...

It's a real bummer when you think you've something tastie to get it home all revved up ...... Then you read the ingredients.....and you can't have it....usually just as your about to take a mouthful.....been there done



Thanks janie and everyone, and yes, I do accept some responsibility for not reading the label carefully and assuming it would be ok - the bars have written on the box 'Gluten? Not on your Nellie!' which sounds to me like they're a g/f brand, but I do accept the free from section isn't only gluten free. Got carried away thinking I had found a new breakfast cereal to enjoy. :)


Got caught out with a Honeybuns bar once because I thought they were a g/f brand. It was in a box labelled gluten free. It was only that it tasted good that I doubted the ingredients! I wrote to Honeybuns and they told me they didn't advertise themselves as g/f and basically to get over it!


Got caught that way myself in the beginning with some rice crackers which ended up being wheat free but not gluten free, as someone already said the free from aisle covers a variety of diets not purely gluten


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