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Reminder - All members re: Blogs

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Please remember that the blogs on this forum are for you to post your OWN personal views of having Coeliac Disease, your journey, your diagnosis, your health tips or for writing about topical health issues, or other auto-immune diseases and Coeliac related health experiences plus your stance on some recent Coeliac related research.

They are NOT for simply cutting and pasting long long long streams of content from other forums, sites, or documents. Anyone doing so will have their blog deleted as they are breaking copyright rules. This also defeats the ethos of the site which is about getting members to come together to share positive health tips and advice on living gluten free (whether they have Coeliac Disease or another auto-immune disease and are on a GF diet). Nor are they set up for you to simply post one link to another gluten free website - most sites would consider that spamming. If you want to write a blog post consider something short, topical or personal that would help newbie or long term Coeliacs. Simply posting a link to another site is not a blog.

For anyone who wants guidance on gluten free foods and recipes we have a number of other channels which we have mentioned regularly before. If you have a question about a product you will get a better and quicker response by posting on our Twitter or Facebook page.




As per the site rules the Admins and Moderators reserve the right to delete posts which are either

- inappropriate e.g. aggressive, bullying or food focused vs health focused etc

- commercial advertising

- queries which have been answered and retain a short life i.e. 'is this gf?'

- contain content that has simply been stolen from other sites

- and similar variations

If your posts are deleted please consider if you fell into one of the above categories before contacting us for an explanation. We're one of the few groups within the HealthUnlocked family that has the least rules and regulations and we hope that you'll embrace them and play within them to retain the spirit and ethos of the community.

Lastly as much as we wish it was - this site is not a reference library as you can clearly see from the layout of the site. Anyone who wants to reference documents would be better served creating their own personal library in Evernote. Which you can use as an app on your smart phone and on your computer. There will be a number of exciting technical changes which will give us the ability to make the site more user friendly with useful articles and links clearly visible and 'pinned' to key pages but this is some way off yet.

Please always keep a copy of your blog or question backed up so if the moderator deletes your post you can resubmit them after editing to comply with the simple forum rules.



2 Replies

Hi Fiona

Just a question to get this straight in my mind:

If I am replying to a query can I put up something like a link to FODMAPS, or a PubMed article or should I just mention it in my post? My own experience of coeliac disease and other autoimmune problems have meant looking for answers in a lot of different places.


Yes that's perfectly fine Penal. What we do not want - is what a small amount of members have done and that is link to their business sites (i.e. hotels), post a link with no blog or content about it to put it into context (which is lazy & confusing). Or just to spam the site with multiple links to their blog or business page.

We hope that clarifies things.


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