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Hi, any recommendations for good information sources on foods to avoid if you are fructose intolerant?

I was diagnosed with CD 18 months ago and things improved quite quickly once i went gluten free. But in the last few months I'm back to having symptoms of having been glutened all the time. There are lots of coincidences of these symptoms with having eaten fructose high foods but i'm struggling to find a good list of all of these. They all seem quite different beyond the fruit list. And then there seems to be an issue with sorbitol ....

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Sorbitol...dont ever go overboard with that. Yes it will mimic the dreaded runs..(oops sorry if you are eating). Its in a lot of diabetic foods...and is best avoided.

Others will be able to explain better...

Apricot...(diabetic and Coeliac) with running shoes on...


Have you talked to a GP or dietician? There seems to be a difference between fructose intolerance and fructose malabsorption.

There has been some discussion on this. Type 'fructose' into the top right hand box on this page.


GP, who was really good when diagnosed with CD, wasn't so helpful when i returned recently to talk about current symptoms. So want to investigate it more myself before going back. So far cutting out the obvious fruits is helping - but not enough. Thanks for the link.


Once you know what your fructose problem is, you can go to the FODMAP diet web page. That should be able to help you determine what foods not to eat,


Yes FODMAP. Had hoped to avoid that. It sounds complicated! But necessary soon i think!


I use FODMAP as a guide, it was given to me as I am lactose intolerant as well as g.f. I also have a problem with certain fruits and vegetables and over the past ten years have learnt through a food diary, what my body will accept. For me it has been trial and error, but never as painful as being glutened. Good luck.


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