I'm gonna do it! I'm going to ask if whiskey is gluten free... My partner seems to be 100% certain but I am a very sensitive, anyone else?

My b/f has read online that whiskey is gluten free, he wants me to test it out but I am rather hesitant, apparently jamisons and jack Daniels seem to be safe for coeliacs because they are triple distilled meaning all gluten is removed, obv I am not so keen on playing ginny pig but I am curious, has anyone tried who is sensitive?

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  • Whisky is considered gluten free but be careful because their is a residual amount of gluten in the finished product according to the Department of Health, so it really is down to your level of sensitivity or any associated condition. Loved it but now cannot tolerate it.

  • Thanks pretender I didn't think it would be, thanks for answering me! :) it's so hard to find new drinks I like its horrible isn't it!

  • whiskey is gluten free as the process of making the drink eliminates it.

  • Whisky is classed as gluten free by many Coeliac societies around the world as the process of distillation is deemed to remove the gluten and make it gluten free. Different Coeliacs maybe sensitive to different alcohol or foods so only you will know if you are ok to drink it.

    It sounds like our recent blog on gluten free drinks maybe useful for you:


  • Alcoholic beverages ie spirits and wine have been tested by the European Food Safety Authority and yes many do have residual gluten and protein fragments in them which is accepted for them to be called "gluten free" however anything that is current legislation does not take into account any individuals level of sensitivity.

    The same applies to foods.

    To be safe I stick to a branded Vodka and careful what is put in it.

  • whiskey is but i find malt wiskey sets me off and i carnt drink brandy so stick to gin and white rum x

  • For anyone sensitive enough be aware of grain alcohols.ie gin,vodka'setc

  • i was only diagonised before xmas and avoided whiskey say the dietician last week that was my first question i was told that all spirits and sherry are gluten free, what a delight to find can drink whiskey usually glenfiddich and can drink vodka just watch out if you put fizzy in as so contain gluten,ie dandelion and burdock contains it. All asda fizzys tell you in allery box hope this helps and cheers

  • ps i,m super sensitive to gluten i have to make sure i eat g/f and wheat free but was fine with whiskey

  • Thanx dobido this is really helpful, it's hard when there's conflicting reviews, I guess it's a case of try a little when I have time off work and see what happens (if its classed g/f obviously!) I usually stick to light rum and ginger ale but I'm getting bored of it, I'm not a huge vodka fan as I miss the mixers, coke I react to even though its classed as g/f and dandelion was my fave, lemonade isn't my bag but guess I've just gotta get in with it! Thanks everyone for all the handy info :) ill let you know how I get on!

  • Any review made on what is reccommended is at the end of the day down to personal sensitivity and finding what you can tolerate, having reviewed the European Food Safety Ageny scientific opinions and trialled ALL that are considered safe for Coeliac's which has in my case been referred to Healthcare Professionals to be included in my Medical Notes.

    My current medical condition is "Brittle Complicated Coeliac Disease".

  • I am new here, I love whisky too, be careful, I find American like Jack Daniels is NOT ok, Scotch is NOT ok and Irish ..Bush Mills, IS OK. I went on a whisky tasting session, and learned that America/ Canada filter once, Scotch is filtered twice and Irish is filtered three times, this is how I have been affected I have no idea if I am super sensitive. Grain Vodka also affects me

  • I have read that too, about the triple distilling process being ok I'm going to try abit and see how it goes, I'm going to try jamisons as that seems to be sounding the safest... Ill keep you updated!!

  • Here is the ruling from the European Food Safety Authority which dictates UK law:


    But according to corresspondence from the Department of Health through my Member of Parliament there are fragments and residual gluten in whisky, even distilled. This is fact and as no allowance is made for those who consider themselves super sensitive it is their choice to trial or avoid.

  • For the super sensitives who like a tipple, Smirnoff (red labelled) Vodka triple distilled from maize(corn) or Bacardi distilled from molassas(sugar).

    Life is not all negative just be careful what goes in it.

  • Thankyou :) it's surprising whats hidden in things! Yeh I have Smirnoff now and again but that does seem to give me a slight tad if discomfort the next day, I never thought it was related but every time so I do t have it really anymore, even with fruit juice so it's not the fizzy drinks either, hmmm. Although I have had original baileys and have no issued with that... I have a strange conflicting sensitivness...

  • Whiskey makes me nauseous, probably GF but I'm sensitive to it…I stick to Baccardi…yum! Highly allergic to vodka!!!

  • Distilling alcohol in a lab-like environment should render the product gluten free - and the more times it is distilled, the purer the product.

    Now, distilleries are not lab-like environments, so unintended cross-contamination may occur.

    To make matters worse, many brands add the waste from the distilling process (which contains gluten) to the distilled (gluten free) product for taste and color, thus intentionally contaminating the end product.

    Simply stating (as I see too many places on the web) that distilled alcohol is gluten free is only true when discussing the product of the distillation (in most cases an intermediary product and not the end product) and only in lab-like environments.

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