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When I make gluten free bread, it often has quite a nasty aftertaste. Can anyone advise me what to do about it?

I have used a number of different recipes, and all sorts of different flours. Today I ate some bread that I made 3 days ago, & didn't notice any aftertaste at all (although my children complained about it when it was freshly baked). But I don't know if that's really the answer....

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Hi Beckyf - what sorta aftertaste?

I am the worse baker in the world (never made any cakes pre-CD) so I guess I had less to 'unlearn'! Even so I've had mixed results with some loaves being more suitable for door-stops than sandwiches! Even when I've used a bread maker (Panasonic) my bread comes out weedy and small on the gf setting. The best results I've had are using Dove's Farm white bread mix - my friend helped me make great bread and pizza with this. The thing is it tends to be less edible 2 days after as it drys out a lot. I'm toying with making some soda bread as I really miss that (I used to eat the Rankin one from Waitrose loads). It seems pretty simple to make so I will employ my Mum in some GF bakery - that way it might be edible.

I've got some teff flour on prescription (packed with good vits) and need to experiment with that soon.

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Hi Becky, when I first started making gf bread I tried using just rice flour and even tho' it was OK it had a metalic like after taste. I now use a mix of rice flour, tapioca starch and quinoa flour. Here's a picture of my bread and the recipe:


Mmm Jerry very true. Too much Rice Flour seems to make the bread melt on your tongue like a sherbet. We'll try your recipe as well !


Wow - thanks Jerry, looks good. Would it still work without the pumpkin seeds do you think? As I can't get hold of things like that which are nut-free, & one of our coeliacs also has an anaphylactic nut allergy :-(


Has anyone tried any of the Gluten Free Goddess bread recipes? I personally haven't, but I find her recipes to be brilliant in general... She has dinner rolls on her front page today.



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