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Tips eating out and about in Paris?

My wonderful boyfriend has booked for both of us to go to Paris in Feb, he wanted to book for us both to eat and watch a show at the Moulin Rouge, has anyone ever tried to eat gluten free there, it doesn't mention anything on the website.

Also any other places anyone could recomend to eat would be greatly appriciated, my boyfriends vegetarian so preferably somewhere that would suit us both!

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Hi Laura, here's a link to the coeliac map and they list a gluten free bakery:

Another site well worth checking out is 'trip advisor' here's a dedicated gf restaurant on their listing:

And here's a very useful restaurant translation card just print off a couple and show them in eateries:

I hope this helps and it's always worth checking that a company is still there for obvious reasons. So have a great time and if you come across any good eateries please let the coeliac map know.


Why not also ask on our Facebook page? We have lots of travellers on there:


Have a wonderful trip to Paris. I am so lucky to visit twice each year, but have only had one GF trip.

On the web I found an amazing French Patisserie called Helmut Newcake!

With a name like that we had to visit; well the display of cakes looked like every other boulangerie. It was so good and only about 20 mins walk from where we stay.

Best to check on opening times; quite late in the morning.

The previous advice on using the printed French version of what a coeliac can eat is very useful. Since my diagnosis in May I have eaten out all over France and when slef-catering found good ranges of GF food in Natralia (Paris) and healthfood shops which are even in quite small towns


Just thought I'd mention that the most recent Tripadvisor reviews of the dedicated gf restaurant in Paris (from about a year ago) say it's now Japanese & definitely not gf:-(


Thank you all so much! I can not wait to go, I've gone into planning overload and Im now going to look for places to eat, we both love to eat out so now I know its possible I am looking forward to eating out in Paris too!


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