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Free From selection in Supermarkets and have the supermarkets got things back to front?

Obviously coeliac see things differently to the supermarkets and to me the thing they get wrong is the selection of free from foods depends on the size of the store so coeliac tend to get a better selection at the hypermarkets and no selection from the 24 hour mini town center ones.

So should coeliac lobby the big supermarkets to keep a range of free from products in the mini town center stores?

This might not be as daft as it first sounds as the free from shelves cater for lactose free/wheatfree as well. They probably have higher profit margins. Also it would not hurt a non coeliac to buy for example a packet of trufree custard creams on impulse whilst buying milk etc late at night, whereas the diference to a coeliac would be great, knowing they could buy a loaf of Genius or some gf crakers.

I have a 24 hour garage close to where I live and I went in there at 5 am having been travelling all night and as well as petrol I bought some milk and a packet of Mrs Crimbles chocolate macaroons, this really cheered me up and made me realise how shops need to cater for those of us with special dietary needs. And they need to change their attitude to free from foods and see them as essential and stock them as a priority in their small mini markets.

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I totally sympathise Jerry, but I work a lot with supermarket suppliers in different product categories and they really struggle to meet our increasingly diverse needs from smaller stores. It really feel as though the best thing gluten free food can do is appeal to everyone ... but that relies on the vocal support of the gluten free community asking for these products to be "listed", and then buying them. It also needs the food companies to be ambitious enough to want to appeal to a wide variety of shoppers. And it needs the retailers to get on board: the Co-op have a gluten free range but I've never seen it in my local store, and they struggle to get organised enough to stay on stock of milk / eggs and other basics!!! My survey helps stores understand what is missing, please see my new thread! Maybe you can add your opinion? Hope wider ranges of suitable food filter down to small stores as soon as possible ...


I agree, it makes such a difference to be able to pick up a snack, I went into

Tesco Express - Falmouth

Block A

Discovery Quay



a few weeks ago and asked where I could find gluten free products, and to my surprise the assisstant looked at me like I was an alien, and told me they do not stock that!!!. Yet bizzarly the Metro about 20 miniute walk away stocks GF!!

Tesco Metro

Killigrew Street




i travel extensively throughout the Uk and Ireland and would stop at a lot of motorway services to get some food etc, which is a daunting experience when you are a Coeliac because it is normally nonexisting.

Because of the lack of GF food in these places i tend to eat Walkers crisps that are suitable for Coeliacs or because of pure Hunger i end up eating the wrong food, both these options are not good for weight or health. If anyone can give me any suggestions on how to deal with Coeliac while travelling away from home.


Hi William if you travel extensively then it might be worth having a car kettle and a few bits n' bobs to prepare things effortlessly. I stop on dartmoor in the middle of know where regularly and have a ready made roll with salad + I usually take washed tomatoes and often have banana's/fruit, and soup if its cold.

Heinz have just introduced an instant soup that you squeeze out of a tube in single servings and you just add boiling water. I have just bought some tomato to try on my travels, they do 4 varities and only the minestrone contains gluten/wheat. You can also carry a tub gf vegetable boulion as this makes a really nice quick soup. I take a thermos of boiling water and use that and then have the kettle heating some more water for a cuppa, while I eat.

You could also take corn thins/gf crackers and have them with cheese etc and need very little equipment to prepare just a storage box to keep them fresh.

I also like carrying grapes with me when travelling as they are easy to munch whilst driving and stop you getting thirsty and are high in iron.

Supermarkets sell ready prepared potato salad's and humus and bags of mixed washed lettuce and all sorts that require minimum effort just a few bits n' bobs. You can buy tins of new potatoes and just need a tin opener and all you have to do is drain off the water and you could add mayo and Tuna and you have a really healthy lunch and are free to stop anywhere regardless of shops.

That's my 2p's worth.



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