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Theme tune for coeliac? Imagine there's no pizza from ''Give Pizza a chance''

I heard this on the radio this morning and its an adaption of John Lennons give peace a chance only the lyrics have been changed to give pizza a chance and it is sung by Hermain Cain the Republican candidate for the US presidency. Its inspirational for any upcoming musicians out there as this is what a need a song for coeliac.

Here are the complete lyrics.

Imagine there’s no pizza,

I couldn’t if I tried

eating only tacos

or Kentucky fried.

Imagine all the burgers

as frightening as that

You’re lucky you have pizza,

to feed your kids for you

No defrosting or cooking

and no dishes you must do

Imagine eating pizza

each and every day

you may say that it’s junk food

but to me its so much more.

it gives my life its meaning

and it pays a lot of dough

Imagine mozzarella

anchovies on the side

and maybe pepperoni

rounds out your pizza pie

imagine getting pizza

delivered to your door

you don’t have to pick it up now

on my skateboard I will go

I’ll be back in 30 minutes

I just bought Dominoes

All we are saying

is give pizza a chance

All we are saying

Give Pizza a chance.

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How about that Meatloaf classic: I will eat anything for lunch, but I can't eat that! :-)

Or Soft Cell's: Tainted Lunch ?

Human League's: Don't you want wheat baby? :-)


Very funny..I laughed out loud!


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