Coeliac Disease plus another auto-immune disease

Coeliac Disease plus another auto-immune disease

We've now got a good base of members on this group and I know it can be hard to kick off discussions and comments. So I thought I'd get the ball rolling.

How many of you have or are the parent of someone with Coeliac Disease and another auto-immune disease? Would you like to share your tips and hints? Explain how you were diagnosed? Which came first, the Coeliac Disease or the other auto-immune disease e.g. thyroid, arthritis, diabetes, lupus, pernicious anemia etc?

Did you find it hard to get a diagnosis? A lot of auto-immune diseases can mimic each other. Does any medication you are on ease or affect another condition you have ?

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  • We'll be trying to cater for family over Christmas as follows: 2 x with Coeliac Disease and 1 Diabetic. What tips have other Coeliacs with other auto-immune diseases discovered? Do you do a totally GF meal for all - or do you have the added stress of gluten and gluten free meals to make?

  • Hi,

    Was diagnosed with Lupus first in 2001 and have always had problems with my tummy. The doctor said it was IBS so was given meditation for its treatment ...... it got worse and came to a point where each time I ate I would get a lot of pain. My Rhuemy referred me to a gastroenterologist in 2012. Had biopsy taken and results came back positive. That when I was diagnosed with coeliac after such a long time. I am managing with gluten free food and making sure I eat healthy all the time.

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