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Yesterday I bought some Free From Hot Cross Buns, which I have eaten before, from one of the large supermarket chains. Within 15mins of eating them I felt sick. Within one hour I was vomiting. I continued vomiting throughout last night and only now 20 hours later have I stopped feeling sick. I have been a coeliac since 1987 and have tried most of the Gluten free ranges and never had a problem. I alway stick to a rigid GF diet and have never experienced anything like this before. I rang the supermarket who were ok but a bit dismissive and told me it would take longer than that if it was the buns, he thought I must have a bug. I rang Environmental Health to be told by one of the officers he knew all about Coeliac because he 'used' to be one! He suggested that I wouldn't be sick but have diarrhoea so this must be a bug.

I am convinced it is not a bug and that it is in fact the GF food which perhaps wasn't? Any thoughts? Could this GF product actually have gluten in it?

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Hi Joyce, Well I can tell you that you are not the only one that this sort of thing has happened to. Could I be a little cheeky first and ask which range of Hot Cross Buns these were to take a quick look at the ingredients?

I will just run through some of the ingredients they could contain and how they may affect some people especially those who already have compromosed immune systems. Some Free From ingredients, for instance, have Xanthan Gum this is formed from a bacteria often grown on wheat and it has been recorded on many of the coeliac forums that this causes health issues with some. So may be this ingredient could be the problem. Calcium Proportionate is often used especially in bread and buns to prevent mould from forming. It is known for causing gastric problems in some people from damaging the stomach lining, gastritis to even stomach ulcers. Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids are made from different sources sometimes vegetable oils sometimes animal fats - although they are generally considered safe it may well depend upon the source it is taken from. Some buns contain Psyllium Husk Powder, firstly does Psyllium cause problems for you and if so do the buns that you have purchased contain this ingredient.

Sometimes, companies change the ingredients to try and improve flavour and texture which may always cause problems to those who eat their products afterwards.

Hope that this may be a little help to you Joyce. And, hope that you soon feel better again! :)



Yes, yes and yes they are all in there. These were free from range from Sainsbury and I have eaten them before with no problem. The reaction was so quick and so extreme. Honestly in all the years I have been a coeliac I have never experienced anything like it. Actually having just typed out all the ingredients I think I may give up eating all together! Thanks Joyce


You're most welcome Joyce. I think this is probably a lesson to us all to check packets each time we pick them up to make sure the ingredients haven't changed in any way. Most of the Free From ranges are online so it is probably easiest to check there before going shopping - saves it being so stressful that way! It is so annoying that they won't just stick to simple ingredients for us, isn't it?



That person was never a coeliac, or an extra mild one. I get a reaction about 2hours later with wretching and sickness......then have to go on safe home made food about 6 hours later. On a cruise a staff member (vegitarian) insisted he could be a coeliac if he wanted. Think he thought it was just a food diet fad, like many others think due to lackof knowledge. The waiters on cruise often put gluten food on another plate sneakily, saying chef sent it up. I had to stop a passenger once from eating scones which had been switched sneakily. If only we could eat all foods again without getting reactions.


that's horrific, what happened on that cruise! though I can't say I'm surprised - I don't think that most catering staff understand at all. My husband is great at stopping that happening to me - he just says 'you do realise that if you serve her food with gluten in it, you're going to be calling an ambulance later?' totally OTT but it works!


Brilliant Enixan I'll say that next time I go out. oooh that cheered me up. I now try not to buy any food that has a lot of ingredients in it. I suspect a lot of people think once we eat the diet all will be well, Sadly that's too easy.


Re the cruise comment - if someone is flippant about me being able to eat something I just say that I wouldn't want to risk it as last time I had projectile vomitting and it really upset the other diners :-) .

About supermarket gf foods - I noticed recently that Tescos GF biscuit range contained oats.


Lol! You made me splutter there Jacks ..... but they do say never a true word spoken and it has happened to me, the projectile vomitting, I mean! ;)


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