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Blood in movements?

Has anyone had any significant bowel changes like mucus or blood in poo since going GF? If so - don't sit on your hands worrying. Get to a Dr ASAP. It's normally a stomach bug/ Haemarroids/ fissure yet it's better to be safe than sorry.

Symptoms to be concerned about:

Bleeding from the bottom or blood in the poo

A change in your bowel habit lasting more than 3 weeks

Abdominal pain especially if severe

A lump in your tummy

Weight loss and tiredness

Often Drs will do an external exam, refer you for a CT or Colonoscopy if they need to understand better what is going on.

Here's some handy sites for more details:

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I had mucus, smelly and slimy stools (sorry folks!) when I was first diagnosed which didn't improve on a super-strict GF diet. My consultant ran a range of additional tests and my additional problem was as a result of lactose intolerance because of undiagnosed CD. A combined GF/lactose free diet provides me with "gut peace" most of the time unless I feel particularly inflamed.

To Tony, you say you are having barley and rye - are you coeliac? I was wheat-free for over 10 years (pre-diagnosis) but still managed to develop Marsh 3b from eating those grains.

Any blood in stools means there is also a risk of severe anaemia.


Cant reiterate the need to get checked out by a Dr a.s.a.p if you have blood in your may be quite innocent ...but better to be safe than sorry


sorry abit random, i've had ceolaics since i was a kid, and i've had blood in my poo for about 4/5 years and it won't stop could this be related as i went too the doctors and they told me i was to young to have any serious problems ?!


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