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Hi my name is Jill, I had Helibactor Pylori in Feb 2012, then a scan in May showed Gallstones, and found out in October 2012 that a blood test I had back in March 2012 was very positive for Coeliac Disease, I had a camera into the stomch and a biopsy done on Thursday 8 Nov, and am having the gallbladder removed thursday 15 Nov. When I first found I was coeliac I cried as I found it so overwhelming, I went through my food cupboard and took out what i could not eat and what was left was not a lot, I work 2 jobs doing 6 days a week and I think I will struggle to maintain a proper diet now, as I am writing this I am eating a gluton free pasty, which is very peppery, i am hoping to maybe cook lots of stuff from scratch, my daughter sent me 2 books one a diet book the other an information book, I am hoping that by joining this web site and doing a blog will help me to cope with this disease.

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Welcome! & good luck for your op this week.

We have all been there, and have all coped with the changes in the end. I remember doing the same cupboard clearance as you 13 years ago and having the same tears. You are right that it is overwhelming, but only at first.

I think you'll be amazed at how quickly you can get used to coeliac, and how it CAN be a positive change in your life.

How are your cooking skills? What do you think would help you most right now? Recipes? Practical tips? Pointers on shopping? Just let us know and we will support you. You have come to the right place to help!


Hi Jill, Firstly, welcome to our community. You sound as though you are going through a really rough time. Just like you, most of us found it overwhelming when first being diagnosed so you are not alone.

Some of the members here have their own websites and blogs and so there are many lovely recipes tried and tested that you may like to consider making.

If you are on Facebook then Fiona has a page that is good to link to - here is the page:

Jerry has a website that has many lovely recipes all tried and tested:

Liana has a website with all sorts of useful information - this particular link is to the wide range of flours that you can use as a coeliac - some are available locally, some online and others might be best using the natural ingredients and a food processer (especially nut flours which are very good as they are often high in natural calcium):

I hope that once you have had your operation you will feel a little more certain. Please ask if there is anything that you wish to know and there is bound to be at least one person here if not a few that will be able to help a little. In the meantime, good luck and best wishes,



hi jill and good luck with you op i have been celiec 18 months was diagnosed at the age of 66 so it was such a shock but was suprized how quikeley i have got used to it and do a lot of my own cooking now it is hard at first but was so suprized at wot i could eat best of luck xx


Hi Jill and you've done the right thing joining us, so welcome to GFG.

Now one of my friends has just had his Gall bladder removed and he feels great since as the gall stones were very painful. I think that you will need quite a bland diet for a few days afterwards and no heavy lifting etc so you will have to put your feet up and relax.

So good luck on Thursday and do let us how you get on and if you have any questions/queries then you ask away as we have all been newbies once so know how bewildering it is,


Hi Jill, like you I`ve just joined this community and found it really helpful. Bags of good advice and support. Don`t be too disheartened about your coeliac diagnosis as, with a little organisation and effort, you can end up eating a far healthy diet. You`re a very busy person and I suspect eat a proportion of processed foods? As a coeliac I`ve found the best tactic is to try and eat food prepared by you and avoid whenever possible processed food. If you are short of time then you can make up a `load` and freeze portions? As well as you knowing your not eating gluten I believe you will also discover that you`ll be eating a diet that can be far healthier and tastier!

As a quick tip I found my biggest moan about my diagnosis was that I couldn`t eat normal bread and the ready made gluten free bread from supermarkets/supliers tasted of cardboard. I got some Juvela flour on prescription and found a 50% mix of their fibre and white flour makes fabulous bread (I have added a level teaspoon of xanthan gum and 1/2 teaspoon of brown suger to the mix). Munching into a moist `bendy` bacon sandwhich helped make the world a much happier place. Best of luck with the op.


Im guessing i need t add yeast to this mixyure to make bread, could i also add seeds for a bit of flavour


Hi Jill, The ingredients are:

14 ozs of flour

level teaspoon of dried yeast

level teaspoon of xanthan gum

1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar

14 fl ozs of water

two god tablespoons of oil (I use olive oil)

1/2 teaspoon of salt (try and separate the salt from the yeast as it makes it bitter apparently)

Bung them all in a breadmaker and let the machine work its wonders!

If you`re time poor this could be a good investment for a number of jobs.

This makes the basic loaf. I also mix it up a bit by adding a mix of seeds or making a fruit loaf by adding say dates and walnuts. There`s lots of variations. If you`re using a breadmaker you need to wait say 30 mins before adding any seeds etc..

If you try it let us know if it was a success!!


Thank you all for the replies they are keeping me sane. its nice to know i have people i can ask for help when i need it Jill


Hi Jill121 ... welcome to a brave new frontier! It seems scary now, but in a few months you'll get the hang of it. I have a web site full of recipes, articles and information that may be of help to you as you begin this new journey.

There's a particular article about flour - regular and gluten free - that may be of help as you're getting started.

There are also both soda and yeast bread recipes in the basics section of the recipe section. If I can help in any way, please leave a comment on my web site and I'll get back to you!

all the best ...Liana


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