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Christmas foodstuffs, a delight or a dread?

More and more xmas foods are appearing in the supermarkets. Some of the big free from players have moved into production for the festive season. What's your view, are you glad to have some more choice from the processed food market or are your hopes lifted at the thought of these foods, then disappointed when you actually taste them? Is the fat, salt, sugar in these free from products a concern to you or do you not worry and see them as a treat to have now and again?

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I like the iced rich fruit cakes, even tho' they are a bit crumbly. Mince pies are a dodgey area as pastry varies from manufacturer and the nicest ones that I have come across are 'Village Bakery' usally available from health food shops. I also really like Christmas puddings and they tend to be packed with fruit. Again I really like the Village bakery ones.and sometimes I buy traditional plum puddings which are gluten free. Last year at Tesco's they had twin packs of individually wrapped gf Christmas puddings marked at the wrong price and they honoured the price and I had a few packs in my trolley!!! So I guess that answers your question Irene.

The worst gf treats for trans fats seems to be chocoale biscuits and they are available all year round. And look at crisps and fizzy drinks for sugar and salt.



Guilty pleasure favourites include M&S's pigs in blanket sausages with bacon. High fat but very nice. Great for gf parties.


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