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Pasta Cook-Off

My lad and I had a pasta making competition today!

Mine was quicker and easier...

His was nicer to handle but took ages....

Both tasted great, without the flavoured oil mine had the edge.

Hurray for gram flour. My new best friend!

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I can't eat legumes at all. Chickpeas are out for me. I make my own pasta too and have found a flour combo that mimics gluten. The pasta is pliable, easy to work with and tastes great. You can dry it or freeze it. Making pasta is fun ... check out my recipes: here's the how too -

Here are some recipes:


Great idea Sassyl!

Like Liana I can't tolerate and digest chickpeas very well - although I find humous easier so I may give chickpea flour a whirl - it's a great source of fibre so would be great to try.

Thanks for the post. A great idea - have you got any other challenges planned?


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